Wednesday, August 10, 2016

referred pain

In the medical world, that refers to pain that occurs in a site other than where it originates.  I'm assuming most of this is from things like nerve compression and wonky synapses.  Right now I've got a helluva toothache from what I figure is my 30 year old TMJ syndrome.  A former ice chomper and gun chewer, plus jaw clencher...I was diagnosed many years ago and given ativan and a mouth guard.  It was already too late.  The way that joint is supposed to work is in a sliding motion like on my right side.  The left?  Nothing but muscular movement.  Add to that I haven't been to a dentist in a few years and there you go.  Ibuprofen helps a little.

I'm steady scheming on the advertising side of the Casa!Grands!  treasure collection.  In MY old house and that one, we have the contents of our entire family's history much of which has been transported hither and yon from the homes of other folks, some long gone.  I actually took on the scrapping of the Bizzle house with a partner but I was younger then.  Daddy had a motion sensor dog bark and named him Rex.  Dude sounded ferocious.  

What election?  

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