Tuesday, August 16, 2016

trading memories

Another of the Ike Peel era trilogy went home with a lifelong friend who just lost his dad and brought me a bird house made by Mr. Harry.  I've been mindfully sharing the bounty with people who knew them and there are others to be delivered.  Mark gets the Mayberry patrol car from the village and there's a little post box figurine that will go to Steve.  Gracie and Lorna came by for a look see and she picked out a watch and cute little set of appetizer knives.   They lost GG not long after Lorna's birthday and just a couple of weeks past my Daddy's death.  Gracie tearfully recounted a visit with her ethereal great grandmother that happened last night.  Then she wiggled her way up the stairs and through a bed frame to unblock upward motion and we toured the 2nd floor.  I have literally walked more steps this past month than since both parents were alive.  

It's quiet here....no need for YouTube or Netflix at the moment because I need to decompress.  Scott dropped by yesterday to fix the back door that wouldn't lock. I've been propping it shut with a chair at night I kid you not.  But you know, at least I'm not stranded on a flooded interstate.  Even Idgie the braver of Atlanta ice storms would have been screwed because there was no place to get beanie weenies and tiny wine.  

I still can't bend the finger but now have Arnica so I expect a full recovery by sale day.  Bubba and I just discussed sale strategy and we're on the same page.  Git' her done.  

Over and out from the lane ~

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