Monday, August 29, 2016

just another road trip

Lorna and Gracie just left here on a mission to get Jasper and go back to Silvertop to pack for their trip to Miami.  It will take two days to get there and we chatted about all the hoohah surrounding the big Zika.  She is a board member of Beyond Pesticides which has proven that the birth defects are coming not from the virus itself but from the pesticide used to kill larvae.  Meanwhile the entire diagnostic industry that is Rick Scott and his Mrs. is geared up to test the world for something that is like a dengue fever.  Our first request came months ago from an ER doc on a chick who had been to Mexico on vacation. *sigh*   FDA clearance for the Roche test is being pushed through.  Think Epipen at a diagnostic level.

I get a day off tomorrow with no plans other than to meet the ATT guy between 8 and 12.  I've learned to shut the doors where Lily can't get to where i'm sleeping if it's an opportunity to snooze. I honestly haven't had a day to stay in jammies for several months.  My house is looking much better but not quite there.  It's time to move the paint supplies from that March job to somewhere like the basement steps where Mr. Snake lives.  

Through all of this sorting and selling and remembering I've selected a very few select pieces that will remain with me and be passed on.  My mother's china cabinet is one and my great grandmother Ethel's maple set minus the cute side table.  The chair and settee are banded with steel to hold cushions so will need some slats.  Surely I can find somebody with a saw.  

As Jerry would say, y'all have a Marvelous Monday!

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