Sunday, August 7, 2016

empty house

As fate would have it it was slow at the sawmill today so I burned a couple of vacation hours and headed on down to sale central to meet a buyer.  Bubba stopped by to give me instructions on how to do it all.  There are piles now, one of which is all Big Orange and everything related for only 500 bucks, knives excluded.  Personally, I could care less because I see Peyton on the elevator doors at work  It's all about the money.  Before that it was a bride and pregnant lady, I kid you not. is what it is.

I'm off tomorrow and have an appointment with my one and only healthcare provider at the moment.  There has been some blood involved in places where it doesn't belong.  I don't care about Trump or Hillary or the rest of them.  My life is being controlled by corporate and that's not cool.  It's why I take Celexa.

My friend Joe is retiring from the blood center in Jackson where we have worked hand in hand since Willis and that board hired him straight from Saudi Arabia.  That's the story as I've been told.  He and his wife Patti are both blood bank experts and Methodists I believe.  I have spent the past few years feeling sorry for myself and expecting everybody to excuse my lack of focus.  That, is on me.  

Life happens randomly and without respect to what kind of mood we're in or what's going on in the world.  The thing that makes it worth living to me is learning to appreciate the random gifts that come along.  My time with Pops, Dodo and Addie on Wednesday was just that.

In a perfect world folks would realize that a hospital is not a really nice place to die.  It takes a terrible toll on caregivers when they really care about patients and see them being funneled in and out of various facilities only to end up at the funeral home.  I don't want to be a beautiful corpse...just a happy live person.  And I'm getting there :)

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