Thursday, August 25, 2016


Cousin Marilyn scooped me up this morning and off we went to Jackson and a nice visit with BG.  Lauren chose Olive Garden which was enjoyed by all.  Little treats like that make the world go round!  Marilyn and I have family in common but we also have work and country living as bonds.  She's been in nursing all her life and me, well.  I'm ALMOST one.

Of course the bitch cat Lily insisted on breakfast at 7 and commenced to knocking things off the dresser to let me know.  There was a strange black cat with white gloves on the back porch yesterday and I whispered that he might want to go somewhere else because Lily just doesn't share cat time with anybody.  

I had to hit the bank this morning along with the shady dolla' gentral for dog food and Dawn.  Now there is no excuse not to wash the dishes.  There is always method in my madness.  The three of us discussed mental health disorders, each naming our own tendencies toward a particular set of behaviors, sometimes multiples.  BG has always referred to me laughingly as ADD and I own that.  My trouble comes with focus and seeing a task to completion.   I tend to have great ideas with good outcomes but lack the skills to get it done.  I think I need a keeper, actually.

I was amazed at how many relatives we covered in the space of four hours, and caught up on every other little thing too.  Lauren looks beautiful though swollen from the allergies that dog us all.  She said the ER folks were quite sympathetic  and helpful in quickly treating her attack.  She told us she heard gunshots next door last night which is worrisome.  The neighborhood is pretty tight around their compound but umm...

Just for fun, I've zoned out on the election and am focusing on getting focused on SOMETHING even if it's Netflix on my phone's data.  I've been too busy to pay the satellite bill because I never watch it.  Payday is tomorrow so that's a goal!

My very first blog was titled A Stained Glass Life.  It didn't last long but contains the one piece that I remember writing post 9/11.  Miss Anita was in that piece along with her mama Miss Annie Bell.  We stood side by side in the doctor's lounge and watched in horror as the towers fell.  She is the angel who called me when my daddy died.  Soul sisters, if you will.

The humidity is stifling but not as bad as in LA, I bet.  Come on cool front.  Poopie is calling you east!

Humble ~

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