Tuesday, August 30, 2016

last pass

The electricity is off at Casa Grands now so trips must be carefully planned to avoid the heat which is still horrific.  I was headed down there early morning to get a few things and remembered that I had not given the mayor her B12 shot.  I eased in there and got the job done, then headed to get her slow cooker from Mom's which had no knob.  I reckon one of her many kids will fix it.  Her house is the homeplace for all of them, along with Clara's house of chickens and such at the very end.  She loves her girls!

I'm tickled to death to be home for the day and it's only 10am.  Anything else can wait until tomorrow.  ATT guy is on the way to fix the internet so I don't go into overdrive on the phone data.  The warning message suggested to me I might consider WiFi.   Like, duh.  It takes a week to get an appointment!

BG has a job interview with a company for whom she previously worked for THREE years while she was in college so that's a really promising thing.  She's headed to NashVegas this weekend with Heather and Joe and the baby in waiting.  They have salt cave appointments, no less.  It's opening season for college football so that's what's up with Joe and the guys.  He's an Alabama fan to the hilt and the proud owner of Daddy's Bear Bryant coke bottle.  

My left hip still hurts which leads me to believe I did a little damage with the fall other than the funky finger.  It's still stiff but I can use it and it doesn't hurt much.  The hip on the other hand, hmm.  I remember the worst injury of my life was when me and BG were exploring the cemetery down at Gerald's house and I slid down a steep hill and tore my hamstring.  I could not sit for three months without pain.  The entire leg turned purple and I was tested for blood clots.  It was TERRIBLE.  BG barely got me in the car because the leg was useless and numb.  And that?  Is the very cemetery where I will be laid to rest.  Ya'll enjoy the day.  I'll be around here piddling my little heart out.

Love ~

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