Tuesday, March 8, 2016

us versus them

Every organization that is effective has regular meetings of some sort and a  power point that must be followed.  Today at the sawmill was no exception as we met around the table as a team plus some stray kids.  It's Ryen's "16th ahem...so she was at the table with us while her sister Katie sat in the corner.  Tori, as usual, was mesmerizing and I watched as she and Sondra rolled a ball across in the dark.  It was a nice distraction from rules and bullet points.  One of my oldest peeps is Becky whom I rarely see because our shifts don't overlap.  I'm the early bird and she's the night owl, if you know what I mean.  She looks tired like the rest of us and held the fort down.

So Nancy, the daffodils are absolutely gorgeous but about to get soaked for several days.  Guess I better pick some for the indoor time.  Between work and work I went to Lowe's today and bought some AC filters and herbs + pansies.   Decorating is going slow but steady.  Blinds will be installed in a couple of weeks.  I wish my Daddy could see it now all painted and beautiful.  He did the best we could in 1984 to make it traditionally country chic.

Said monsoon is bearing closer to the hill so I better go cover the garbage can like the redneck that I am. Maybe it won't blow away with all those pillows stuffed  in it!  Feeling grateful and exhausted all at once.  Does that make sense?

Peace ~

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  1. It always makes sense when you say it.
    i'm grateful that
    i was not hurt worse than
    I am and exhausted from pain and lack of sleep.