Wednesday, March 30, 2016

bricked redux

I thought corporate would be standing me up again on the counseling fo' free but I finally talked to Jennay today and gave her a recap of my last year and all the dead people.  She was sorry for my losses and asked about a million questions about my feelings and if I want to harm myself.  I said hanging in and no.  She referred me to a program called GriefShare at the nearby Baptist church.  Even gave me the phone # and dates!  

I'm off tomorrow which is, as Old Hoss would say, "a good thing."  Tension is high and I'm tired PLUS there's severe weather moving in.  Wasps are circling the house and door and window guy will finally give us some overhead lighting tomorrow because he needs an inside job.  He always leaves by 3 to get his girl from school.  Painter guy came and picked up the plastic over the weekend and the garbage is manageable.  Lily is sitting on the table next to me purring like all that because she can.  

No suicide bombings that I've noted since the Easter fiasco so that's good.  Trump seems to be going up in flames which is providence with a capital P if you know what I mean.  Bernie and Hillary are playing nice and Cruz is still damaged.  Other than that, I got nothing for your US of A.  My friend Lorna turned me on to Jill Stein last year and I totally get where she's coming from and wish she had more funding.  Maybe she'll pair up with #bernie and let EW take control of Congress.  

I have no answers today.  Only hope and faith ~

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