Saturday, March 26, 2016

mostly likely to procrastinate

Remember when we had all those things in the yearbook like prettiest and smartest?  Yeah, I was never one of any of those categories.  I was just a lost hippie soul attempting to ride the fence with the joiners.  There were a sorority, fraternity and several clubs that kept the rich and popular busy during annual photo shoots.  Aside from a random shot taken at a pep club thingie, I'm a tiny little face in a sea of future teachers.  I sort of strayed to the dark side there in my early teens but my parents stuck with me and so did all those friends from school.  We may not talk much, but we always have each others' backs.  Always.

Physical activity around here has been sub-zero and it felt good to drag limbs and start a fire.  There's not danger of beans catching this time (shut.up) so I can walk away.  The contractors left a couple of piles and the yard guys worked around them yesterday.  Mayberry and I visited with a cold one while new help proceeded to mow down the asparagus.  Ooops!  I had already picked for the day so there you go.  It will come again!

While I was doing the 2nd of my errands this morning ( following a VERY long 12 hour nap ) Lorna called and said she and Jasper are headed this way from Memphis.  She has her bluff in on him most of the time so he's good to travel with I reckon.  Mammy has taught him all about how bees pollinate and things grow and rivers rise and destroy.  And she is teaching him the true meaning of love through her caring.  Same for Gracie.    Yes, I have deep and abiding respect.

It's a pretty day and I'm outta' here.  Y'all keep the faith ~

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