Sunday, March 20, 2016

a chair of bowlies

I was introduced to the art of St Louis artist Mary Engelbreit by my friend Sally many years ago.  I recognize her art wherever I find it which, quite surprisingly, was on the ladies room bench at some random bar in Paris.  No wait...the VFW where I saw my first ever red lab.  This dog was gorgeous!  They are an anomaly and hard to come by.  Amy has a silver baby called Greta who lives in Chicago with their big old family.  Her heart just broke when Java died, kinda' like with Faith and Butters and me.

 Real live Jesus is among us now doing miracles and laughing with the locals at celebrations like births and weddings.  His healing power was never as evident as when he reached out to those that society shunned such as lepers and the least of these.  Please note, he never got hurt or infected.  Only miracles y'all.  Water into wine is my favorite.

The old testament history about God being mad at everybody and raining down on them could happen again if we're not careful.  I've never melted bronze in a drunken orgy but uh...according to movies that's how it went.  So much of our energy today goes toward trying to support family on a living wage.  The poverty levels are astounding and perpetuate the use of government assistance.  It's a freakin' cycle that has been going on for 30 years.  It's not about black or white or creed but about who stands for what outside of the MSM.  

It's a shell game involving two big corporate industries and we are the little fish.  There is Big Oil and Big Insurance.  Big Pharm is all up in the Big Insurance deal so that the "little people" who work the front lines of healthcare delivery know how to administer what's on corporate contract.   There are lots of meetings about policy and procedure and all are mandatory to retain employment.  Randoms are performed  on a monthly basis and this panel includes cannabis which is so wrong on so many levels I can't even describe.  For five years a THC positive was an alert value in our lab and ER.  The docs finally said "pleasedon'tcall"

Nationwide our ER services are totally tied up with the elderly, chronically ill or otherwise end stage people who deserve to be treated like family.  Addicts clog the way between true emergencies and just another doctor shop.  I can pretty much guarantee that the little diva bitch next to Daddy's room was a frequent flyer based on her tone of voice on our last admission.  The red headed doc mouthed to me across the room *it's bad!  and it was.  That was about a month after Noler and Aunt Granny died.   I mean seriously...2015 was a dead people marathon.  I finished up the latest thank yous for church contributions in their memory.  Mama would be so proud.

Mom had this big tacky plastic pin on the board behind the kitchen that said "this is not a dress rehearsal" along with the always famous "at home between 2 and 4 on Sunday" and "i am not martha stewart".  Oh and the always famous cow or pig. I miss her a lot and Daddy too.  It was total chaos but it was familiar, ya know?  Long term care giving is exhausting as a profession and fraught with the possibility of elder abuse due to money crunching.  Always have an advocate.  

Rejoice ~


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