Friday, March 11, 2016

cats and dogs

Lerd.  I foresee a major swamping event following days of flash flooding.  The Camry is squealing and got made fun of last night when the tire went flat.  The cops who responded laughed at my Bernie sticker on the bumper and the no door handle thing. least I persevere.  How else will I make it to the sawmill to save lives and pay the rent?  The guy from Patterson Brothers who picked me up was amazed at where I live because he never knew it was here.  On the way into town I told him the story of riding out during great headwater of '10 in the back of my crackhead neighbor's friend's pickup with a screaming baby in the back seat.  Me and BG we in the bed and he played Mario Andretti across the muddy field until we almost jumped out.  You seriously can't make this shit up.

Bubba just brought back a new batch of EOBs from Mom's last hospital visit. Fortunately she we don't owe anything because Medicare and badass Federal retiree insurance paid for it all just like they have so many times before.  Looking at these charges reminds me how expensive it is to deliver care because "everybody" gets their piece of the healthcare dollar.  Back in the day doctors worked for the hospital and there was a single bill.  Lunch was free and so was health insurance.  We still did autopsies in the creepy basement morgue with our fearless leader running the saw.  Think Quincy meets St. Elsewhere and you get the picture. with a dash of Dr.Welby.  I miss those days.

I have no comment on anything other than I'm glad to be at home..At some point when I can't drive or otherwise get around, that won't be the case.  The thing about aging is that you lose independence when you live long enough.  At some point either friends, family or the necessity of care trump your will to live life your own way and that's a shame.  If you are financially secure, like my parents, you get to stay at home until the shit hits the fan.  As my brother says, everything is a process.

Calm ~

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