Sunday, March 13, 2016

march madness

My husband was 39 years old when he had a major blockage of the LAD called a widow maker.  It was 90% according to those in attendance. That included Dr. Hayes and Christy and a lot of others I can't remember who explained the tombstones on an electrocardiogram. There was a big fat shot of clotbuster and by the time he got loaded onto the helicopter his EKG was normal.  His final words to the chaplain were "Plesae don't let me die in this sonofabitch!"  He didn't, and lived to tell it.  During his recovery we watched the NCAA playoffs on the 10th floor of Methodist North with rain pounding on the windows.  There was  a UTI that required an extra day.  He wasn't stented because the doctor was "busy."

According to his GP Dr. Ashley, early closure is a real problem with those who don't have a stent put in place to keep things flowing.  Thus, three months later we were there again, this time with me sleeping in the window.  UCMTSU.  I loved this man with all my heart and he met me halfway. The cardiologist took the less invasive route which is how things go sometimes.  I think he left on vacay the next day.

KY cousin picked me up and drove me to Memphis.   There were many more trips to and from whatever the hell that place is called...Raleigh maybe?   I always took the shortcut at Covington and drove the two lane.  The Camry wasn't the same one I have now.  Speaking of which, I saw a Tesla yesterday with Williamson county tags parked in the lot right next to me.  Subliminal message, ya' think?

I work for a company that has stockholders who want a return on their investment which is always a problem with people who have lives outside of work.  It's not just any means.  There are about 600 of us who believe that healthcare is something that people deserve, especially when they pay for it.  There's a lot of abuse and whatnot of the system.  What we consist of is a band-aid station between here and Jackson or Memphis.  Nobody here sees that because we're all about providing more services that involve risk and make money.  I so wish I could talk to that guy in charge of the big plan.  I think his name is Wayne.

Since Wayne's company bought our facility I've gotten no cost of living raise and even none for good evaluations other than 1% because ..umm, I don't know other than I'm a slow learner.  There are all kinds of cost cutters up in there on a daily basis checking our hours and cutting benefits.  This is seriously not a way to run a successful business.  No wonder the stock sells for 16 bucks.  I will be dooced for this, and I could care less.

Friday I found myself in crisis and needed a professional to run interference for me just for an hour.  There were multiple phone calls to random providers and nobody ever said, at any point, how are you doing?   Annie asked me that today and I replied good because that's the new normal.  I did my best with this day and hustled plus saved a few lives.

The time change has really done a number on my head which is new.  We won't dwell on that, umkay?

Spring Forward ~

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