Saturday, March 12, 2016

unicorns and monsters

My friend Pax and his sister Teresa are at a Monster Mania weekend thing which I think is mighty cool considering how much time they've spent with their parents lately.  He retired from social work with the state of Joisey a couple of years ago to help with their care.  Fo free!  It's what we caregivers do, ya' know?  Sawmill was steady but manageable so I got to go by Kroger for some rations because "thankyousweetbabyjeebus" it wasn't raining.  I even hit up the liquor store and visited with Burt and Blake.  We have history up in there and my brother is a huge part of it.

There are no lights in this house except for the occasional lamp or candle.  BG and I have spent a lot of hours in the dark this week talking about life and whatnot.  What a comfort to have someone who knows the history of us.  Each of us is slowly sorting through the heritage and healing during that process.  She seems excited and anxious to get on with life which is something I haven't seen in a long long time.  That makes my heart happy.

Trumpomania is about to implode which is what Lorna told me three years ago would happen.  " They will eat each other" she said and laughed wickedly.  Here's a news flash for you:

Global warming is not only real but out of control.  Science has proven that.

People are sick and dying on every street of every community all over the world.  There is civil war and the Allies play Big Ike trying to protect their interests.  Most countries have just said to hell with it and gone home to protect themselves from ISIS.

A political event paid for by a billionaire who is running for president which ties up the entire CPD to deal with dickheads is not a good idea.  Let's cancel them all please.

Mental health is a very subjective thing and much of it is tied to coping skills rather than proper medication.  The pharmaceutical industry has made trillions off of opiates in the healthcare hamster wheel and produced a couple of generations of junkies.  This, along with big insurance, is why nobody can afford preventive healthcare.  I mean's a no brainer to keep people healthy.  Consider Cannabis.

It's natural ...of the earth ~ Nancy Botwin

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