Thursday, March 17, 2016

are we there yet?

Like I said, the old Dell is just about dead.  The coughing and sputtering yesterday led to a final flicker from the monitor, which I dropped.  Don.'t even ask, umkay?  It was crisis day for me in more ways than one and I ended up doing the ugly cry with several good friends none of whom have a thing to do with it.  Both know the struggles and we've shared them together.  Lorna's mama passed away around the same time as my daddy.  Her grandson posted a picture of Wanda's  feet in munchkin shoes at the nursing home.  I bought the new monitor from his young company and was surprised at the skill and personality up front.  There was a former businessman in front of me holding things up with a ton of questions when he just could go see the geek squad which is where he's headed.  *sigh*

I have soul sisters at the beach and one planning to take me so there's that to look forward to.  I'm so pitiful I spent the DTV rewards card on a monitor so I can kinda' sorta' blog.  My mother is smiling in heaven  at the thought of me still tapping the bright yellow keys and being a big mouth liberal/progressive lover of the earth.  It is God's gift to me and you that this is Maundy thursday, the night when Jesus washed feet and had supper with them and EVERY single one ratted him out or bailed.  When I think about being a child of God, I think it's what he would do to just forgive and love again.  Some people never learn until they see the big Easter morning show!

Ethel Hamilton, my maternal great-grand was a stern woman at the end when I was chilling with her.  She had birds always, parakeets and seed everywhere on the newspaper covered cages.  Come sunrise service time, they would haul the caged and covered birds up into FUMC and wait for them to sing!  I woke up early this morning, not real sure what got purged but feeling a whole lot better.  Well, except for the red eyes.  Pollen is crazy y'all plus all the flood mold. Ack!

It's almost yard mowing time which means Ryan will be on the payroll for several months. I'm being patient with the asparagus because it's early.  I haven't given up on Bernie yet and it looks like Trump's people may sell him to Satan before it's done.  It is what it is and I try to make a difference but sometimes the odds are stacked.

I think the fear of driving through the floodwater is what made me crazy really....scared me to death.  Our city just got a lot of grant money and investing that in infrastructure to support a higher elevation of roadway and proper drainage for the businesses which remain should be a priority.  It's a swamp out there and on my road too, WHICH is also the very same river.  Government assumes no responsibility for damage to crop landscaping and the farmer has to pay for the levees, in more ways than one. The headwater of '10 blew it out big time and that was when all the chickens were out here on bulldoziers and whatnot.  After the cattle were sold, the ponds were filled in and one guy's idiot son buried a tractor for months.  You seriously can't make this shit up.

I found myself struggling to keep composure today but resigned to just taking a lick and staying in forward motion.  There are plans to make and books to color and reality TV to gorge on.  60 days in is like a trainwreck you can't look away from.

A gator just drove by and for a minute I thought it was Billie G.  No, I know it was.


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