Thursday, March 3, 2016

brand new day

ATT guy is out in the driveway plotting his next move I suppose.  I live so far from the place on Troy that my speed is, shall we say, slower than the average customer.  U-Verse doesn't come here either because there's only like two houses on the road so there you go.  The neighbors have satellite internet which is pricey.  Mine is pricey too now since I got TV back.  Oh well, I've got a job and such so maybe I can pay them.  Cell service is out of contract this month I believe so there's that to negotiate.  One year in I dropped my NEXT phone and got hit with a hundred dolla' co-pay for a new one.  That was very not cool.

I was steady snoozing when the painters showed up this morning to finish the job.  Everything is pretty and somewhat clean but there are still tons of piles around here and plastic in the flower beds.   I'm pulling my favorite pieces of art out for hanging because there will be none of that  random driving of nails.  The washer will be running 24/7 for a few more days and then finally, some order.  Propane guy is here in front of the big window giving us some product to get through the tail end of winter.  Today seems like a long way from the beach.

As for me and mine?  We're looking ahead with faith.

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