Wednesday, March 2, 2016

the easter egg house

I have this color combination that I wear at the sawmill that Scotty tells me reminds him of an Easter basket. They are happy pastel colors, the very same ones that are in my newly painted home.  Jeff and Micky are almost done and we did a walk through today.  Poopie was happy with all of it, mostly because she can walk now and found the other bra.  Evidently it was behind the washer with all the dust and gunk.

When I pulled into the drive at Casa Grands today I noticed that Daddy's buttercups are blooming so of course I had to pick a handful to add to the vase.  I also scooped up a couple of lamps that have meaning, one of them a Vols orange and white stained glass creation.  TM, by gawd.  As fate would have it I am finally out of propane but managed to survive winter 15/16 without owing Butch anything. He would tell you that is proof positive there is a God.  The new windows provides a wonderful view of recreational planes coming and going at the municipal airport.  Who can tell I'm jonesing to get out there in the dirt???

We were discussing presidential things at the lunch table today and CB told me that her 15 year old daughter is supporting Bernie Sanders, the one who will take all your money....*snort.  That gave me some encouragement on many levels on the Wednesday following Super Tuesday.  I'm sitting here in a coat of many colors that was my mother's and feeling spiritual in a lot of ways.  The ancient Dell was dead, I thought but no....just an ATT line issue resolved by phone.

Yeah...blessed ~

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