Tuesday, March 15, 2016

turn around don't drown

Law enforcement is every freakin' where because of our local flooding in the Forked Deer and Big Muddy venues.   When I came home from town yesterday it was barely across the road.  This morning ( in the dark) there was a brown river between stakes in the ditches.   I said to myself "self...this doesn't look good" even for one who has had many  miracles abound.  I did go home and wait for a splash of daylight so I could see better and even then, I felt the current pulling me to the left just before the front tires hit pavement.  I wouldn't have drowned but I sure would have been screwed what with no money for a car.  After  having a very busy day at the sawmill my friend and neighbor James Frank picked me up on the other side and I left the car at Mr. Smith's.  I locked it but really?  There's nothing in there but yard sale clothes.

With the water up all sorts of critters are on higher ground and that drives my dogs nuts when the windows are open.  Coyotes, coons and possum are everywhere in the night with beady little eyes and an attitude.  I found myself at a turning point today when having a personal conversation .  All of the pain and grief of the last year came spilling out in a torrent set off by frustration.  Time to let it go.

There are a brazillion wasps up on the eve of my mini-porch enjoying this warm day.  I'm kind of happy to have the air on because outside is, shall we say, pungent with allergens.  I bet there's more spears out there in the asparagus bed.  Buttercups are everywhere here AND at the log cabin.  My favorite thing is the stand among pine trees by the road.

So it's STOTUS time and Trump is looking more like a moron than ever.  What is so scary is that the true backbone of the GOP won't step up and do the next right thing.  Jeez.  You could live with Bernie or some other more non mentally ill type person.  Though a democrat, I hold dear a few very conservative values, especially with the money.  That's why that those wars piss me off still.   It is Holy Week which means chocolate Cadbury eggs and new frocks.  Well, usually.  I even have a picture of me in one with a hat and all.  Gloves.  Tell me my mama didn't raise a Southern lady.

There is no mail today because of the water and no schoolbus which is wise.  The rural carrier always throws treats to the dogs and waves and we went to high school together but he normally never pulls into the yard.  Yesterday brought a package from my crack dealer Amazon so he had to register attendance.  This is the very same guy who delivered grace from my blog fairy over a two year period.  Always, by USPS.

Rejoice ~

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