Thursday, March 10, 2016

real live therapy

I hate to whine about the weather but I will because I can.  I got to sleep late and spend lots of time with BG in between signing on a new dryer because mine doesn't work with the hemostats any more.  Seriously.  If I have the $$ to do it right, it will happen.  Not sure how much longer I'll be employed because I heard the difference bet ween 62 and 66 ain't much by government standards.  The only retirement income I have is from a free pension with MHS all those years.  I never did have the cash to invest in  the new guys.  Let's just say times were hard.

The mighty Forked Deer is about full and flowing over with no relief in sight. Once again, a hill is a very good place to be.  One of my oldest picker friends came by today and we went to check out Daddy's shed and the basement of where I live.  It's full of windows and doors but not much else.  I've been cleaning since the day I moved in here!  He found a very nice tack hammer which I brought up the hill to help with art display.

I heard there was another mass shooting but I'm not inclined to follow those stories anymore because nobody wants to have their 2nd amendment rights stomped on and Republicans love that shit.  I don't own a gun nor do I need one.  If it's my time to go let it be quick and not by neo-nazis.  Seriously.

This time off is what I need, plus more.  I tend to be co-dependent in every situation including work and family.  It's what I learned and old habits die hard.  My unlearning began at he age of 32 when I began therapy and found out who I was.  It wasn't pretty but very predictable.  The hemostat operated dryer finally gave up the ghost so there's a new one in there now thanks to GAFCO et al.

Me and an old picker buddy visited Daddy's shed today and dug through the muck and snakeskins,  There are garden tools that I can use but not much else.  It was his haven after he got too old to visit the Bizzle house.  There's this random grapevine wreath stuck in the eaves up top.  Probably Mama's thing, you know? We'll sell that one too.

For the moment the rain has stopped.  I think we have a day off before a weekend of more of the same.  I have enjoyed this day because of being spontaneous kinda' sorta.  When I was in the dryer store I ran into my old friend Annette and we talked about every little thing.  She and her twin sister are caregivers for their mama Miss Mary who used to be a nurse with us.  It's a small small world.

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