Wednesday, March 9, 2016

just like a movie

Why yes it is pouring down rain for day one of our annual spring monsoon.  The end of Pecan Lane is covered and the dogs are barking at the stormy weather plus they're mad because they can't get off the porch.  I'm thankful to have two days off for hibernation due to the lingering weather pattern.  I guess I'll have to cook something since pizza guy can't get through.

I rarely have comments on my blog except for Judy who is *always* a cheerleader and life coach.  She's about ten years ahead of me and has been a floral designer and event person for eons.  We go all the way back to the days of Old Hoss and that bunch.  Some new and anonymous reader advised me to be a bit happier with life and not so negative all the time.  I've been told that before and when it happens I tell myself that realism is not the same as negativity.  It is what it is, and accepting what it is comes with pain.  To deny that pain is to say that it doesn't exist and by golly it does.  Nobody has a certain mourning period for anything because we are all in transition at any given point in time to the new normal.  Where the hell the charge nurse thing came from is beyond me.   I guess everybody thinks I'm a nurse because I work know and wear a uniform.  Nah...just a medical laboratory technologist with a lot of years on the books.  You can't buy that kind of experience.  The Benthal girls lovingly called me "almost a nurse" when they were little.

I am a very spiritual person believe it or not.  I believe in one God who is good and loving.  I cherish the ideals of truth and justice while realizing that sometimes they suck.   As a Christian I believe that Jesus is the son of God but I respect the beliefs of those who differ and do not feel compelled to change their minds through missionary work and whatnot unless it is done in our own community or backyard in a secular way. My Republican boss of a pathologist congratulated me today on Bernie's Michigan showing  and proceeded to tell me how much he despises Hillary and Trump.  He doesn't like Rubio or Cruz either so there you go.

As odd as it may seem, I have a deep and abiding respect for the Constitution and particularly the part about separation of church and state.  Any time religion enters the halls of government, somebody gets denied the right to believe as they want.  And that?  Is a guarantee of said document.  Just think about all the government funding went toward persecuting the O'Hare and then she changed her mind.  Geez.

Y'all need to check on Mahala over in the holler.  She's had a bad patch that makes mine look a cake walk. At least there were no guns involved in my recent past.  The loss of her job is something that everybody faces when there's a buyout and change in management.  Everybody at the Asylum was shocked and dismayed, to say the least.  I'm figuring it's time for her mojo to rise up out of that stinking place!

Towanda ~

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  1. I still enjoy your posts. I can totally relate to your grief that you are going through. There is almost nothing that will take us to our knees faster and I do wish you strength as you go through the immense changes in your life. It's a bitch, no doubt. You were slammed all at once, too, which makes it harder. I think my be happier post was meant to say that I think there is always a bit of good in every day. I really feel the pain you are going thru but I hope you can see at least one or two things in each day that are brighter. I just went thru the exact same experience as you, in the same time period, so I really do understand. Keep on writing, streaming unconsciously or whatever. You have talent. You are a good kid! Plant something very fragrant. I find that helps a bit. Just know you are a good kid and you might feel a little bereft but honestly, I think you are sounding better SINCE this stuff happened with your parents so maybe it was stress. Fix your damn handles on your car, will you? That's making my OCD jump out.