Wednesday, March 23, 2016

get over it

One of my few karaoke specials is that song from Hell Freezes Over.  I know a couple of Bonnie Raitt tunes too but that's about the extent of my repertoire.  Not that I've been in a bar for about five years know what I mean.  I was crawling through them when stage shows were great weekend entertainment run by computer geeks with light shows.  The one at Bev's was called Monkey Boy.  That poor little guy who only knew Walkin' in Memphis ended up dying in a house a'fire.  There was one cleanup guy who rode a bike to work and when his died I gave him the one I had.   That seems like eons ago.

So all the politicians are pretty much avoiding rallies ( except for a few with good security ) because right now who the hell knows where some ISIS or otherwise idiot will show up with a gun in a right-to-carry state.  This is how people get assassinated y'all.  Well, that and bombs on buggies.  That most Americans don't see the dual danger of Trump and ISIS, I cannot understand.  I guess the sheeple have lost their minds.
Window blind guy came today and is looking even better around Casa Poops.  Lights come next and then yard cleanup.   Beverly and her family will be planting a garden so I can help with that and share in the bounty.  Having these folks for neighbors following the reign of terror that the previous tenants ran is like a gift from God.  I do NOT miss the constant visits from the law for welfare checks and transport to the mental hospital.

There is a lone ceiling fan swirling in the wind on my front porch, the last of what Daddy did when we moved here.  It will be gone soon and replaced with a light that turns on and off so I can see to scrape the ice off the Camry in the dark before work.  My time today gave me the opportunity to observe a family in a situation that is all too recent for me and I could feel the pain involved acutely, and told them so.  "I know how you feel" is all it took to make a connection.

I pulled BG's old art kit from Coldwater Creek out of the closet and have proceeded to color ME pictures to my heart's content.  There is therapy in that, just like with writing and talking.  Oh, and by the way "i'd like to find your inner child and kick its' little ass!"

Stay the course ~

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