Sunday, March 13, 2016

thanks trump

Well the sun came out today and the clouds parted, if just for an afternoon and there was much rejoicing in the Southeast.  Drilling down, the mighty Forked Deer is up to the asphalt again which is why the lug nuts won't come off the tires of the trusty Camry.  Too much muddy water, even for a Toyota with 60K on the engine.  I can't believe I drove that thing up in the parking lot at FUMC picking up my elders for brunch every Sunday.  There was a year or more when the  passenger window up front had plastic on it.  Tara did that, bless her soul and RIP.

Annie and I talk just about every day and that's good for my soul. She has memories of Mom and Daddy at  young ages and we swap stories.  My favorite is the one where Mom hit BabySister in the head with a coke bottle because it was too rowdy.  I'm glad she never did that to me!  I never got spankings (imaginethat) and she only slapped me one time when I was 13 and called her a bitch.  Honestly, I deserved it.  Every 13 year old diva does.

 The whole presidential thing has gone off my radar because I'm not into MSM  crowd sourced rallies for this that or the other candidate.  Show me an honest conversation about basic issues and I will listen.  Otherwise, move along.   And you know what?  I'm not the only one who feels that way.  I think there's a town hall tonight with you know who so maybe I'll catch up with the liberal media tomorrow and get bullet points.

I'll let y'all know if I need a ride across the field to the golf course road and up toward town.  Gotta' go plant some shit.

Holla ~

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