Tuesday, March 22, 2016

gang mentality

Nothing says anarchy like blowing up transit systems and killing innocents for your own glory and gratification.  To say that it is being done in the name of a loving God is bullshit.  Yes...Allah is great.  He is also gentle and loving and hates what you do.  Newsflash#  There are no virgins in heaven.  That's a fairy tale.  The Trump followers are running a close second in that category at present.  As the violence moves west again, I wonder how it will all end.  Surely there won't be a zombie thing going on.  People!  This is not an app or video game.  It's real crazed religious zealots who don't give a shit.  And yes, I'm steady praying about it.

I'm breathing deeper now that spring is here because winter was full of grief in many ways.  I tend to anticipate loss by seeing what's coming and being prepared only sometimes that's not he case at all.  Sometimes you just get slapped with tragedy.  Everybody's got something, right?  My therapy session by phone is scheduled for Friday afternoon which is a great way to start the weekend.

I called BK lawyer's office today asking about vehicle options because I need a car like, even the cops told me "get a better car."  After I shop and come up with options, they will submit it to the court for consideration.  Takes about six weeks or so.   I can live with that..  My friend who is a bean counter in Nashvegas sent me a picture of his family's new house in the woods and it's to die for beautiful.  Coincidentally it's close to the Pilot which is "halfway".  Hmmm.

I'm doing CBs job while she's on vacay and I have a new appreciation of the front desk.  Thank the lort' flu season is winding down.  Everybody's  just kinda' going with the flow and seeing what shoe drops next.  I admire the leadership team that is being formed. currently and wish for the best at our little sawmill.  There's a lot of good people who work there and are willing to be quality front line in spite of financial restrictions like pay raises and capital investment for equipment.  I can honestly say that without that team I would have lost it during the multiple admissions of my parents.  I remember vividly one night going to meet *another ambulance at the ER being totally pissed off because she had just been there and got released too early.  I went ape shit postal on the redheaded MD.   Not in the mood to play.

I was there for both of them in that way because I took on the responsibility for their healthcare decisions by proxy and I have the paper to prove it.  Though I doubt myself at times, I know in my heart that I paid them back for the tuition at UTCHS.  Dr. Noonan wrote me a letter of recommendation so I reckon it's all his fault that I'm still working.

Namaste ~

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