Friday, March 4, 2016

a very very very fine house

Only one cat, and not in the yard but..happy Friday from all of us here on the lane.  I'm working tomorrow but there's still something about Friday afternoon that's like "sheesh".  My days off are staggered  and often not together so sometimes it's easy to forget what day it actually is.  That's why it's cool to have an LIS even if it isn't fully functional in every situation.  I'm just glad to be home with my devices.

The work crews left some trash and BG hauled all ours to the side of the road for pickup but left theirs laying. Three's a garbage can in the middle of the field by the ginormous window from a tornado like wind the other day.  There was stuff flying everywhere in that southwest wind.  Yesterday was the first time I've been able to pay propane guy up front in years.  God is good to those who give faithfully.

Each and every one of us as children of God have talents and gifts...opportunities to reach out to others into their own pain filled worlds.  Isolation can be the worst thing of all when suffering in spirit.  I can remember having anxiety attacks where I just had to talk to somebody right.damn.then.  That was before Prozac by the way.  Now I feel it coming on and scope out folks I haven't heard from in awhile.  Lots of emails get sent that way.

I'm avoiding MSM because of you know who and them.  That sort of crass showmanship doesn't deserve a read or even a SMH.   Big Ernie will take that one hide and watch.  And in spite of the Cruz religious connection, I think he's out too.  Ben Carson is looking better all the time.

There are two friends on my mind today, both of them co-workers and dealing with sickness.  No wait...that's all of us!  This crew has been a rock for me during this past drama filled year.  My friend and I caught up in the parking lot this afternoon and chatted about the current reality and it was okay because I got a hug.  That's as long story in and of itself, including Sunday school.

I'm working on letting these new colors make me happy ~

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