Monday, March 7, 2016

the germans are coming!

I don't mean to be an alarmist or anything but do ya'll realize how many freaking refugees are living in cardboard boxes waiting to get to another country....ANY country other than Syria or Iraq?  Europe is about to implode with all this and London is on high alert for ISIS?  O.M.G.  And here we sit looking like a bunch of dumbasses with Donald Trump having KKK rallies during his campaign and HE"S WINNING.  Somebody hold me now.  I was encouraged by the debate last night which I watched today in three minutes on Huff.  I especially like it when Bernie told  HRC to "let me talk. You'll get your turn."   He wrangled her on the bank bailouts and she came back with being saviour of the auto industry along with our POTUS. I distinctly remember the set of circumstances that brought our financial crisis about and it had a lot to do with wars and  oil, not necessarily in that order.  Cheney and every one of those bastards who made money off of our troops should be charged with treason.  This lengthy war was fought in God awful conditions with jihadists on their home turf.  IED wasn't even a word I knew before then.  These folks came back with PTSD, some with a lot of money that didn't last long, and got education and healthcare benefits which Congress steady fucks with.  There are no jobs making a living wage to be had for someone who just knows how to be a soldier.  My friend Joe shared his story with me one time and how he and the wife just were never the same after they returned to the states. She was a gunner.

Speaking of Flint, I passed an unusual sight on the way home from work. A huge truck collecting water for the residents in MI was parked next to the demo site where the building burned downtown.  I had no cash and certainly no bottled water but I silently prayed for a successful drive.  When municipalities poison the people who pay for their services through faulty practice, somebody needs to step in.

We have a new cousin on the way named Olivia James, after her grandfather.  If she's anything like her mom and granny she'll be gorgeous and girlie.   Mo is my sister, for real.  We have been there done that during the past year what with all the funerals and such.  Freddie and Marilyn stopped by for a group hug last week and  it was just what I needed.  CEB hugs me at least once a shift. Sondra gives me neck rubs. It's the little things, you know?

My friend Mahala lives in a holler in North Carolina with her daughter TA and various critters.  She has worked at the shittiest job ever for years where she does all the work and men with clipboards and district sales goals ride her ass.  The cast of characters that has come from her job is endless so you should all go visit her blog and read the history.  I'm pretty sure she still has bunnies and practices witchcraft.  Plus, she's a Melungeon so there's that value added piece.

Soldier on ~



  1. I think you are a really good writer. I don't know how I happened across your blog but sometimes I really like your style of writing. I just wish you could be a bit more happy with life. We all have our things we go thru and boy! do they hurt..but is there anything that isn't negative to you? You seem sweet but you can drag a person down in a hole. Smell your daffodils, wait they don't smell look at them. You are not a charge nurse and acting like one gets a bit dreary. This is not a put down, I assure you because I do think you have talent. You could brighten so many spirits if you tried that vain. Pulling for you! and I mean it!

  2. I think I meant to say vane. sorry.

  3. No, I meant to say vein! Now, I got it......;)