Friday, March 25, 2016


Bound for me to be all off work 30 minutes early to have phone therapy and then the counselor had a "counselor emergency" which probably means somebody was losing it or else she was scurrying around for Easter candy.  They offered to re-schedule an hour later and once they understood that I was pretty okay for the moment, we changed the date.'s Friday, thank God. I noticed the black cloth draped around the wooden cross on Main and McGaughey covered in chicken wire for Sunday's flowers.  It's a sight to behold y'all.  Even during the Easters when somebody was sick, I would take Mama by to see it.  She spent one holiday in the ER following a wreck and the preacher dropped by between services to check on the flock "Surprise! he said.  There was one more wreck after that then, boom.  No more driving.  Daddy did it as long as he could until that turned bad too.

His last day behind the wheel was on Thursday which was hair day at Angel's.  It's a short drive through the slow part of town, but there's that pesky by-pass to get there.  Mom got nailed there TWICE and BG once. I was at work and got a call from DBStaff to please see about Daddy because he just had a wreck and drove home.  B was out of town.  So, here I go and I find him BACK up at the intersection about to cross but I got him stopped to ask "Where are you going???"    He looked crazy eyed and said he was going back to get Mama at the beauty shop.  Cops were there and one asked if he was alright, to which I replied "dementia."  He advised that license be removed and so did the doctor who just happened to be with my brother at the time.  Small world.  I then fetched Mama, went back to work and saved some lives. It wasn't until he put others in danger that we dared to tread on the dignity of his manhood like the ability to drive.  He promptly started touring on the gator and did so until a year or so before he died.  Mama was scared to ride much and we always kept an eye out for the old man on the go-cart with the farmer's hat.  He delivered mail, tomatos, and cutout sugar cookies as well as every other little thing from Casa Grands.  It was his escape from the house when the weather was nice.

Things have been pretty financially fluid lately but the crunch is about to come with increased rent for the improvements.  We are still cleaning and pitching and my old ass even drug that heavy garbage can out to the road this morning.  It's time to hit the asparagus bed so we can have a casserole for Easter dinner.

Rejoice ~

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