Wednesday, September 10, 2014

yes i can

I've already started giving myself daily pep talks now that I'm one week away from real life smacking me in the face. As if on cue, I'm waking up a bit earlier each day so that by next Thursday hopefully I'll hop out of bed bright eyed at 5AM. Let's hold that thought. My class starts Tuesday and I'm looking forward to meeting other movers and shakers in the area to discuss business and what we have to offer in West Tennessee. I've been googling out the wazoo if you know what I mean. My sincere hope is that these folks will light a fire under my procrastinating ass because I know I've got it in me.

BG cooked an absolutely to-die-for birthday dinner of steak and shrimp parm with cream cheese and herbed mashed 'taters plus corn AND crescent rolls. We always have corn and get told about it the next day by diverticulosis. The devil's food bundt cake had REECE's cups in it! There were flowers and presents and lots of good family time with Boogs and his bunch. I can honestly say that I felt the love. We're heading into a stormy few days here on the hill and there's always a hot humid wind blowing our way which always spells thunderstorms. I've been on the phone this morning with a couple of people who know about eldercare options and one guy who works for a government agency which I shall not name was quite rude and dismissive. The other was a helpful young lady employed at a rehab facility. Guess which one cares more about the client? Today is when net neutrality is front and center seeking an awareness of the fact that without internet access we are all pretty screwed, Facebook notwithstanding. It looks to me like (she says in Emily Latella voice) that we could just all share the interwebs and get along. Well except for that pesky provider profit deal, it would work. Never mind.

Now that I'm one year closer to 60 I feel an even greater urgency to define the rest of my life as something that will leave a mark. Looking back on the history that was my growing up and coming of age I see an early trend of civil disobedience with which I have had a friendship for most of my years. My moral compass is pretty rigid and the few times that I've strayed from what I know to be good and true I suffered for it. My ex-husband told BG not too long ago to just "do the next right thing" in her life which is a pretty good rule to live by. It's kind of like a paying-it-forward sort of philosophy. Remember, it's all small stuff unless your ass is in a crack or there's an ISIS warrior with a sword over your head.

We have somewhat of a plan going on here with the Mom situation which shall remain to be seen prior to Tuesday. I'm glad I know which questions to ask because it's such a complicated maze of benefit co-ordination that no elder could possibly make decisions unless they are broken down to the simple level of pick A or B. That $$ is a factor seems unacceptable to me but whatever. I am their advocate along with my brothers and my daughter and we will do the next right thing.


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