Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the itch

BG and I are both in red whelps and drippy sneezes due to the heavy allergen count at present. Still no rain since the corn got shelled so there's that PLUS the dust and goldenrod. On top of that it's still hot as hades except for early in the morning. Officially autumn rolled in a week ago but the temps don't realize it. Our agricultural zone is famous for having seasons that mix the best and worst of each other as they overlap on the pages of a calendar. The sawmill is busy and getting more so by the day. Thankfully my shoulder is healing well and it's not too hard to function for an 8 hour day. As for more hours than that? I'm way too old for that kinda' stuff. We have folk who do back to back shifts so they can have more days off but I know this old girl and I'd never hold up. Even if I did I'd sleep the whole time I was off!!

I'm headed to class in a bit to meet up with Lorna and my other Co.Starters friends for a brainstorming session. The ideas that I have are still in the "concept" stage with nothing even resembling hands or feet but I'm trusting that it will come. Chris is an excellent teacher and the curriculum is well written. The other class members are all idea people like me but some are much better organizers. It should be really interesting to see if I can break through the procrastination barrier. Mom is headed home next Monday for a trial run after six weeks away and we're all still wearing our case manager hats daily. I've asked a CNA friend to help us out with figuring the logistics of her next chapter in life. If she can't manage there, it's back to the manor for more therapy.

I'm totally out of the loop on ISIS and the mid-terms and I prefer it that way actually. The trolls are still hitting me heavy when I dare to bust out with some halfway liberal and I've been called a socialism lover on more than one occasion. Like I care, right? I totally forgot to record my prospective new favorite show so there will be some catching up to do later. Honestly? I don't see how people have time to watch much TV unless they're retired. I didn't even watch when I was off work, choosing the innerwebs instead. Booger just rolled in all grumpy and whatnot and I can honestly say that I understand. He's talking to TT in Jordanese as I type.


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