Friday, September 19, 2014

wesley's wolfpack

Aldersgate was the place where the father of Methodism felt his heart warmed for the first time in the presence of other believers. BG and I were talking about that as we sat at the round table (which is oblong) and did a recap of our day(s) that have included work for me and transport for Mom to the new rehab place. Reports are good and she seems much happier according to Bubba who did the run in an ambulance convoy. It'll do us all good to hit the road for visits. I wouldn't mind living in's a primo college town close to the KY border. My parents went there, and so did BG. Looking back at her tenacity to graduate as a commuting student while working the graveyard shift is a real sign of grit, determination and Red Bull. She went immediately to work for the private mental health industry and burned out within a year. This, I totally understand. Our fractured delivery system for mental health is privatized out the ass and just as in other forms of healthcare, insurance dictates what service is available. My brother and I have differed politically on a lot of things and Obamacare was one of them. That is until he broke it down in dollars and cents how much he is paying for minimal coverage of his young family. I was stunned at the figures and we discussed the option for his type situation to require only catastrophic coverage rather than planABC. Whenever there's a choice of plans, money is being passed under the table. We talked about TennCare which he compared to it and I had to disagree again. That plan was solid from the get go, crafted under the leadership of Phil Bredesen. It was when his democratic thug buddies started raiding the coffers (as did big pharm) and ran it dry. There was a daycare piece that was abused as well. FORD family. Tennessee Waltz..Google it.

I was gonna grill some burgers today but it's hot and asthmatic out there so we'll just fry 'em in an iron skillet. We still got corn and the beans are tall and this morning I had a surprise when five white tails went prancing right in front of the trusty old Camry with one hubcap. I had the time to stop and take phone pics knowing all the while that the moment couldn't be captured. We watched each other for several minutes and they headed back toward the river. I took that as a sign from Big Ernie that it's gonna all be okay one way or another. And if it's not, it's out of my hands.

More multiple murders by daughter raping idiots in FL and honestly? That kind of shit makes Fiji look better every day. Or Belize!! Not that entire familicide is abnormal or anything. I truly believe that the deviant behaviors that we see are a direct result of past abuse. That's not an excuse, just an explanation. My own father was abused by an alcoholic who used he and his sisters as hired help for sharecropping. Out past Roellen, I believe. He walked to school a lot and usually through at least a foot of snow. At an early age he learned that he was funny and that is what my mama loved most about him. He's an ag man, the guy who tracked the Japanese beetle all over the southeastern US. No wonder he still tries to spray every little bug and weed to death. After Monsanto and them took over the world he got shipped to remote places like Miami Beach to inspect the boat people and their stuff. I will never forget the awe in his voice as he described their desperation to get away from Cuba.

Which totally brings me back to my history with Cuban pathologists like Dr.Inclan and Dr.P. I'm pretty sure they were boat people at some point only they proceeded to make a shitload of money for their wives who never worked and lived in fancy houses. AP was my first boss and the most charming ever until the one who walked in after Sonia's tragic death. She was an Egyptian and I will never forget the smoke and ritual of her funeral. I cried like a baby because she was the first breath of fresh air up in that place for a loooong time. We attended church together at FUMC which is where the service was held. Most of the important parts of my life were forged there like choir with Mark and Donna and vacation Bible school with all the moms who gave up their time to help kids make macaroni Christmas decorations and eat crackers and juice.

Here's the thing ya'll. God is so good to have given us this beautiful earth and the chance to be in harmony. Why do we have to mess it up with bitterness and hatred? Because it feeds somebody's ego or pads their pocket. And Jesus wept.

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