Wednesday, September 17, 2014

how i spent my summer vacation

Today has been a number of things beginning with a nap until 8AM snuggling Sam'n'Sophie. There was this "little black cloud" over my head that refused to go away knowing that it's the last day of a long and painful recovery from something that started in early February of this year. The SOB still hurts but I'm learning to do pressure point holds on the tender spots thanks to Gay with the magic hands. It would help if I had a decent bed but it's seriously kind of a princess and the pea type situation...only with dogs on top.

During one of my trashing sprees lately I threw out all the ugly underwear which ended up being everything. Time for a dolla' store stop for new cotton briefs! Mama is worried to death about going to Martin with only two bras for a week and I keep telling her that's my reality too. She finally realized that if she transfers to a higher level of care for a shorter period she will get home quicker. That's the way it's supposed to work, anyway. I can't believe the drama involved in making that one simple decision *sigh*. My friend Chris is also a writer and he penned something in the pre-dawn MN hours of today about his mama memories that made me cry. He's the very same one who plays devil's advocate every time I get too liberal for my own good. I shared it with his sister and watched her face as she read those words about her OWN mom. She had seen babyman's latest pic on Tori's phone. It takes a village of phones and data and the big guys know that. Right Josh?

It's turning into that gray time of year where it's either gloriously beautiful or sucks when the clouds hang around for days. I'm still in the GMO corn box that would poison Shoeless Joe if he dared to show up for a dream. Soybeans are way behind and not even tinged with yellow. My acquaintance Neil claims that global warming isn't real and it's been proven a million times over by such reputable conservative pundits as um..I dunno. He's about to be on the short list too. Do not copy and past your version of history on my wall. Anybody who doubts climate change should take a look at Arizona right now. I mean seriously???? But of course all the border freaks just say it's keeping them illegals out but when it rains it pours. Just sayin'

So, it's official. Back to the sawmill with my lazy ass self. Let us pray ^j^

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