Tuesday, September 2, 2014

bigger than elvis

Trending today? None other than the late great Jimi Jamison lead singer for Survivor and Target among others. I was in high school when Target first started playing dances and I remember the night a couple of my friends hooked up with band members then spent the night at my house. That was 42 or so years ago I suppose. Most folks know Jimi from his Survivor days with hits like Eye of the Tiger. He was out of sight and mind for quite a number of years until coming back out to begin a career headed for Europe so my brother and his partner managed to snag him for a show here in the 'burg. Their club was the original disco ball dance club and had a wonderful stage. The lights and sound people were there ALL day getting just the right nuance for the show. I hung around until dark and was in the kitchen when a limo pulled up and he and the band walked right past me as I scrubbed sinks or something. I was supposed to be the cook but mostly I just tried to clean 30 years worth of grease off the kitchen. The place was sold out and beyond packed and I've never seen such a party in D'burg. Bubba would walk past with trays of jello shots saying "party time!" and loving every minute of it. My friends Gregg, GMan and Rick were the openers and did a fantastic job of whipping up the crowd. When it was all over the band marched up to the VIP room to fetch their bottle of Gentleman Jack and pose for my camera. Yes, that club was heaven for a groupie like me.

The first long weekend of the first week in September is over with Fair Day on the horizon for school kids this Friday. That's where you can buy a bracelet and ride until you throw up fried twinkies. I've never liked carnival rides even at parks. Man was not meant to be mechanically slung around like that! The worst thing that can happen during fair week is rain and it's looking like a monsoon is on the way at the moment. BG is out seeing to details of her new job and I'm here looking like this. Have I mentioned how I'm gonna miss 12 hour naps? We're in a holding pattern with my parents at the moment. She will be released around the time I go back to the sawmill and we're just looking at possibilities for the moment. One thing I know for sure...there must be help and lots of it. I'm doing some homework and leaving room for the spirit to work, as Mr. Yates would say.

In other news? I don't have a clue. Somebody text me if the world is ending ^j^

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