Thursday, September 4, 2014

danger zone

Because the USPS took 7 days to deliver the paperwork for a loan, I am now in the red once again. Or maybe the internal mailperson just took their time taking it to the box. Whatever the reason (surely not because I'm a poor money manager!) I'm wrestling with the OD demons again. My bank loves me and my overdraft limit because they make big bucks off of it. I don't say this with pride, at just is what it is. Over the years a handful of people have helped me out financially and those folks will forever be in my heart. Some I have repaid, while others have said "don't bother" and consider it a gift. There is nothing like walking around knowing that you owe good people money. I have always been an impulse buyer going to get something that I need at the last minute and thus paying more. I don't squander on fashions or night life. I went for three years without cable because it wasn't in the budget. I drive a Toyota Camry (god love 'em) that is 13 years old and has only 107K miles, which translates to about 50K actually because the block was replaced right before the warranty ran out. Google "oil gel settlement"

I must say that I've had more than my share of folks wanting to discuss politics lately whenever I post something they don't agree with. There have only been two times that someone deliberately smacked something up there that they knew would piss me off and both times they apologized and never did it again. I believe what I believe and for what little it's worth, that page represents me as does this blog. There's this one dork of an acquaintance who sent me daily anti-Obama texts for years before I actually had unlimited data. I just quit looking, if you know what I mean. There is healthy discussion, and there is mean spirited dialogue. As much as I despise McConnell and Boehner I don't waste my time dissing them. That's what HuffPost is for!

I am tentatively scheduled to go back to work two weeks from today. My shoulder still hurts but is getting better with moderate movement. Nothing fancy like weights or anything, mind you...just stretches. I have not driven which is kind of a deal because I have no handle on the driver's side of the Camry and it takes two hands to open it thanks to some ice storm or another years ago. One of my co-workers has recently found a new love and I have to say that helps me believe on so many levels that I thought I had given up on. He is a smart and good lookin' guy with a strong sense of honor. His laid backedness is one of the only things that has kept me sane in a workplace full of women. Dude was the one who pointed out to me eons ago that having a blog that is a high # hit on Google means you're good at it. Big hugs and a great future to you two!

I think the best thing about being off the grid is that I've had time to catch up with folks when they're in town. Well, that plus the freedom to manage my mother's stuff by phone and catch-a-ride with BG. The home just called to let me know mama has lost 9 pounds since she's been there but she was above normal when she went in due to fluids and surgery. Her appetite is picking up and she seems to be thriving. They are a top notch facility when it comes to elder care but like most places they are converting to all rehab and no long term. The theory behind this according to CMS is that it's cheaper to take care of patients at home than to pay for nursing home care which is true if they have somebody to help 24/7. It's totally a catch-22 and I feel for those who have nobody in their corner.

To the gates of hell! That's where Papa Joe is gonna' follow ISIS and I say go for it as long as it doesn't involve sending more troops. There was a rumor yesterday that Betty White died which I thought was a cruel joke considering the fact that Joan Rivers is umm..not doing well. Anywho, I still have two weeks to dream about beaches and sugardaddies and whatnot. The class that I had intended to take will be NOT taken due to cashflow problems but that's okay. I've still got my story boards and where there's a will there's a way.

Peace out ~

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