Saturday, September 20, 2014


I just saw Farmer Joey drive by so it looks like corn shelling weekend is about to be on. Good riddance, I say. Maybe I'll breathe a little easier! I'm thinking I should have grabbed some of those stalks and headed to the farmer's market this morning only I slept until nine. Remember, I'm still in rehab. Tina Belle gave me a latex band to exercise with and I will eventually work up to weights. I just got off the phone with my mama and they're working her like a trojan horse trying to get that leg in shape and I see a long nap in her future and a lot of phone calls on the jitterbug. Baby Sister called this morning for an update and didn't even know what was up because Mr. Baby Sister has been quite ill. We all live it because it's what you do if you believe in love.

When I was 29, against all odds, I got pregnant. Dr. Eloiett told us about sixteen weeks in that he saw a girl and by golly that's what got delivered by Dr. David on September 22, 1984 a couple of hours before midnight. Mary Stuart asked me after twelve hours of active labor if I desired some quick action with forceps and I agreed. Let's do this thing! Thankfully there was no brain damage but there was evidence that she had been in distress in-utero for several days. The pains started about 36 hours prior but were erratic and I still have the paper that the timing was written on somewhere in one of these piles. I didn't get much of a break at the sawmill during that time tromping up and down the halls with a phlebotomy tray on my hip and being all wonder woman. I needed the job to support our pre-bust two vehicle lifestyle and all that designer baby stuff. When she was four we sold the house on Tickle and moved to Pecan Lane. The rest is history, as they say.

My hubby worked third shift and mine were variable so my mother helped with babysitting a lot and even kept the two year old for a week while we went to vacation on the Ocoee River a couple of times. It was during that time that BG got chicken pox or maybe it was mosquito bites. She rode on the tractor with Daddy as a four year old and witnessed him running over our dog Joe. She tried to show out on the horses as a 13 year old smartass and got Heifer impaled on a rusty barbed wire fence. Then there was this other time when she almost tore off Allison's leg on a four wheeler with Hottie Josh from Mississippi. You don't know these things unless you've lived them together. Somewhere in the basement of the that house down the road is spray pain graffiti that was done in the mid 90s. If I manage to get there I'll surely post a pic.

I'm seeing a Mississippi theme going on in my universe right now so we'll put that on the story board and see what happens. And..of course. Keep the faith ^j^

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