Sunday, September 28, 2014

back on track

I now realize more than ever what a luxury it is to walk around barefoot with no bra. I did that for several weeks while I was in recovery from surgery. The last time I visited the surgeon prior to my return to work he was amazed at the range of motion I had. Little did he know I had been out of the sling for a week or more working it around the house. I knew if I kept it still the whole time it would freeze up and I'd be in much worse shape than when I started. There was additional damage besides the original tendon rupture and lots of arthritic deposits on the bone to scrape off prior to putting in an anchor for sutures. At least it wasn't a broken bone! Those take forever to heal. There are days when there is very little pain if I remember to take the naproxyn before it starts. That's kind of hit and miss these days. After my FNP visit it cost a hundred bucks to get me restocked on everything I was out of, and a couple of those were the 4dollar deals. One third of that amount was for an albuterol inhaler which increased in price steeply a few years ago due to government mandated requirements to rework the delivery system so as not to damage the ozone. I pay out the wazoo for a medicine that I need because the environment is so polluted? Something wrong with that picture for sure. I wonder if the Koch brothers run into that kind of thing.

BG has a new job in the kitchen of a local eatery which is right up her alley because she's all about some cooking and cleaning. She described the fresh salad making process yesterday and I was impressed with all the steps to produce those washed and spun greens. This is the gal who spends 90% of her viewing time with people like Alton Brown and Gordon Ramsey. It's common for us to go on a mission when the groceries get thin and create something wonderful out of nothing. My mother is the best cook I've ever known particularly with southern dishes and she passed that on to both BG and myself. Cousin Mo is also a killer cook and has the presentation side down to an art. Here's the thing about that: there is very little $$ in owning your own restaurant and the hours are horrendous. There's a little burger shack on my way into town and they're cranking out steamed minis like there's no tomorrow. It's hard work in a cramped space but they are loyal to the dream and that's what it takes.

Just got off the phone with a "new" friend who is networking to find a job in healthcare. As she pointed out it's a profession that will always be there most especially with baby boomers coming into their golden years. I've always thought that description of getting old was kinda' corny and the longer I live the more I see that it's anything BUT golden for a lot of folks. I suppose that is why my heart is deep into the areas of end of life care and advocacy, not just for geriatric patients but for anyone who needs help navigating the system.

Today is eggs and doughnuts with Daddy and then laundry and dishes. Hopefully there will be some energy left for sweeping the dust bunnies out toward the corn stubble. Still no rain so far, which will be a blessing when it comes and cleans the air a bit.


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