Monday, September 15, 2014

start the car

Jude Cole was a not so huge hit that I loved for just one or two songs back in the day. Same thing for Jonny Lang. Lie To Me was and always will be one that just makes me wanna' shout. Once my friend took me to a concert in Tunica where Jonny opened for Buddy Guy. Talk about your bluesfest! The casinos there are always hosting musical guests to attract business and a lot of times the tickets are comped as was the case with us. Not there we're high rollers or anything, but I know somebody who is.

My myofascial release session went long today because Gay knows the bitch is giving me fits and I have to go back to work. Her exposure has increased dramatically lately which is amazing because I was one of her first and only clients for a very long time. She treated me for free because I have a "big mouth." What??? MFR treatments are especially cool for post-op patients because of the gentle stretching techniques and long holds. If you imagine every cell in your body being held together by fascia and think about how it gets all bunched up and injured, the whole concept makes perfect sense. All I know is that it helps me. ALOT.

We had a "team meeting" at the home today about Mom's next few weeks and the options were laid out as clearly as they can be in a healthcare setting. She is informed of the choices and it's her job is done for this day. After that I pushed her chair up to the beauty shop so she could get her hair did and there will be therapy this afternoon. All in a day's work for a lot of folks. Once again I say to all of you who work with patients and their families thank you for being so kind. For the ones who aren't, just know that I can easily find your boss's number and that could be your own loved one being dealt with. Make it real 'cuz Big Ernie is watching.

A severe something alert just beeped on my phone so I reckon we've got boomers on the way. The other night we got several inches of rain and spots like Frayser in Memphis looked ready to float. That was once a thriving bedroom of community and now it's mostly poverty and gangs. Time marches on as they say. My youngest brother and I are both fiercely loyal to the concepts of freedom and common good and both of us just kind of said "meh" about the whole damn world. Maybe it it's all just rigged and our vote doesn't count. It certainly doesn't seem that way.

The way I see it this is a time of reckoning in which we have opportunities to meet half-way and compromise on things instead of killing each other and the earth. Well, unless the NRA has anything to do with it! God is so good in so many ways that I know he's just shaking his head at us idiots running around chasing golden calves. Just bless all our hearts. And keep the faith.

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