Thursday, September 25, 2014

creative things

Nothing unleashes the creative beast quite like a good teacher and a shitload of post-its and highlighters on a mission. Unfortunately seating was cramped over at the country club where our governor held court so we carried on without him. I met a couple of really cool new people who are students as well and it looks exciting. Homegrown is the way to go when talking about community resource investment. Those banks in the Caymans don't give a shit what's going on in the 'burg. I figure before it's over he'll show up just to get me off Corker and Alexander's asses. That we have turned down 100% federal funding for healthcare in one of the poorest states in the nation is, as my friend Sally says "unacceptable." If you've ever been in therapy that's called a boundary issue. Davy Crockett was cool and all that but TVA has pretty much torn up the beauty of East Tennessee. My favorite vacation memories are of raft trips on the Ocoee River near Cleveland where Olympic races were held. We're talking DEEP back woods y'all.

The odd couple that were my neighbors during my first round of being single were also anesthesia experts who were different as night and day and I had to deal with them at work. Russ was a big old guy who drove a hog and James H the ultimate pretty boy/drama queen. To be fair, it was complicated and I dealt with it until one day in surgery when I was delivering blood PB handed me the rent check and said "thanks for last night." WTF? He and my sis-in-law X2 are still good friends I believe. After that was the big emotional fight between me and the big guy and my attempt to walk out of a "very important meeting." Almost got fired that day but by golly, right is right. None of that ended well for anyone concerned. Bossfriend and I were somewhat represented by one of the group at meeting #2 but got slaughtered prior to that. Sacrificial, I'm just saying.

There is a fine line between being perfect all the time and just doing the next right thing. Life is short and then you die and the truly faithful among us will focus on doing something better for our fellow peeps than use them as bait for more money. Not that I'm passing judgement on other folks' views...far from it. That is just what works for me, ya know? There was this wonderfully hot mess of a guy who used to sing HIS song at Bev's on karaoke night. Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn. He was sad and bad but when he sang that particular tune we all shut up and enjoyed it because he owned it. He later burned in a housefire. I have spent more than my share of nights in bars with people that I count as friends to this day. I've seen many of them die a slow death from the effects of addiction, often in multiples. It makes one think if there are any brain cells left. We are all survivors if there's something to be believe in.

So..the shelling of the corn is creeping closer to Casa Poops which means the air is on H and a new filter standing by. I saw my favorite FNP today and ended up next to one of my brother's sneaky bastard friends in the waiting room. I was out of every med I've ever taken including the BP one which is why my eyes are swollen. Well, that plus the allergens. Steroids I covet thee!

Gotta call my mother ^j^

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