Friday, September 26, 2014

parental therapy

I just got off the phone with mom and she was all teary about how daddy is lonely (which i told her) and she needs to get able to walk or do PlanB because they need to be together. Over the past five years my brother and I have explored every viable option regarding their living arrangements and they could have been in a safe place long ago except for that Stafford temper. He got a man's word 60 or so years ago that he could live here 'til he died. What 83 year old man still has a gator to ride around in and visit the neighbors? It was his last purchase from farm money and he's enjoyed every minute of cruising up to see Mozella or down to visit with Gerald. He brought me the mail almost the entire time I was off for surgery and we sat on the porch for about five minutes which is maximum attention span for him. OCDHD is a terrible way to be.

The farmers are shelling and hauling like a mofo out there and I'm thinking a nice wheat crop will be pretty and green with snow on it after the dust settles. Yesterday they were on the east side and I could literally smell the chemical being thrashed about in the air, even inside the house. These types of toxic farming practices are what has been sold by Monsanto et al to the American farmer for decades. Eventually, with these practices...all your customers die off and cash flow stops. That the GMO stand around here is going for fuel makes it even more pitiful. Cattle feed, I could live with. Best case scenario would be fresh food for all. Consider this if you will. American history was built on agriculture in the form of producing home grown meat, veggies and fruit. As a farm girl I tried not to think about where the ground beef came from because it's pretty sad and I do so love me some bacon. Our farm has a huge dairy barn with silos where the cattle were milked and the grain was stored. The hogs were slaughtered I feel sure. Probably a whole lot of doves and quail as well. The low slung barn which once had "bitch" spray painted all over the new tin roof is now home to farm equipment and shiny again. Thank you!

My brother and his wife dreamed of having vineyards and punkin' farms and all sorts of cool stuff on the hills over there but so far nothing but kudzu and poison oak is visible with a stand of goldenrod here and there. That will be on tomorrow's dance card if we don't go to the hospital to see mom. Time will tell. As I mentioned yesterday I ran into the sneaky communication bastard yesterday at the clinic and he charmed me with his stories of double triple open heart surgery. Since he can't drink anymore maybe he can be my DD. Sorry...I had to.

All is well with me because it's Friday night and I survived 1.2 weeks back at the sawmill. Sometimes reality is the best medicine for dreamers.

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