Saturday, September 13, 2014

icing on the cake

Well HELL my birthday week ended up with a bang and the accusation by my father that I'm trying to "send mama off somewhere." Holy freakin' moly! As you may or may not know I've spent the past five weeks acting as advocate during her latest healthcare mishap that started with a bad leg fracture, surgery and several days in ICU. Touch and go, if you will. She went...and moved to a room for a couple before going to the skilled nursing home for rehab. Eight weeks non-weight bearing of which 30 days is paid for at that particular place. Hmm. So we started researching another facility that would be paid for by their insurance supplement but it's an hour away. I've been playing phone tag with them all week trying to get a consult set up and it's on for Monday. The decision is a financial one that she must make because it's her $$ and her life. Once again, thank you sweet baby jeebus that she has those options. I finally had to tell her that when she cries all the time it makes us feel like we're doing the wrong things with her care. Daddy came off of it after my brother explained it all AGAIN and now he's just sad. I would be too I reckon.

I have never actually blocked or unfriended anybody on FB before choosing instead to just unfollow so as not to hurt feelings and whatnot. Most folks are respectful when it comes to differing political views and such so it has to be something pretty deep to piss me off. That has happened (for the 2nd time) and I am not amused. End of story. BG just filled me in on recent happenings with a young mother that we know and I cannot imagine what it's like to live with that kind of drama constantly hanging in the air. Thank you for THAT as well Big Ernie. My own personal brand of drama is quite enough.

Unless the class folks take installments that looks like it's out of the question as well. I'll show up and ask, because it never hurts to! I feel like I've done a Master's level thesis on geriatric care during the past five years which should serve me well as an advocate for others. My organic gardening friend Lorna is working on how to market her super duper methods of sustainable agriculture which is a topic that is very popular these days. It will be interesting to see how all of this shapes up.

The cold front has dropped temps by about 15-20 degrees and left an autumnal chill in the air. Ryan did my yard for the last time yesterday and chopped the asparagus off for me with a weedeater so it will be easier to compost. The house is manageable now with a clear path and somewhat organized piles of treasure. I see a huge sale coming on. The sacks of books that weren't bought will be donated to the library, never to enter this house again. Downsizing...that's what's up.

Peace out ^j^

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