Wednesday, September 3, 2014

divided we fall

Most people who take the time to really know me realize that I am what I refer to as a "conservative liberal." I hold dear to my heart the principles of non-discrimination and equality for all. That does not include the right for those of you (in Ferguson and beyond) who decide that since you're all hip hop cool and shit you can raise hell for a week stealing from your NEIGHBORS stores. I am all about some diversity but there are limits to what I can condone on my dime. I believe that people should be able to marry regardless of sex because it is a civil union and why the hell not. With many benefits tied to marital status, it's obviously a ploy by the radical Christian right to ignore that fact because they interpret the Bible a different way. What I find hilarious is that most of the high profile homosexual political busts have been of these very same members of the Republican party. Dems love their women, just saying. I deliberately stay out of the fray on political threads because anyone who gets that pissed off about someone's disagreement with their point of view isn't worth my time. Trolls, I say.

One of the biggest opportunities for this country at the moment is to move away from corporate spending in politics on both sides. Notice I said BOTH because they all do it. We are not entirely to blame for that because the excessive amount of money on the tables of DC is tempting to anybody. That's where the devil comes in and fools you into thinking that the almighty dollar is worth more than the trust that voters put in you. I believe that climate change is not only real but past the point of saving because of our greedy ways. A friend and fellow blogger is touring Canada right now and said she actually cried as she stood on an iceberg thinking about it melting away. Cut carbon emissions and overturn Citizens United. That's a start in my book.

Churches are tax exempt allowing them to have free reign over money that I feel could be used for church-like things such as homeless shelters, wellness centers and feeding sites. How about my entire generation of baby boomers about to become old people? Who's gonna' take care of us?? My parents are firmly supported by the cloud of witnesses at their home church and I think that's a glorious thing. They have been loyal tithers their entire lives both financially and talent wise. Their congregation is one that was populated by a lot of big money over the years but most of that is moving into the hands of children who are scattered all over the world. At one time the senior pastor made more than I make even now after 37 years in healthcare. I do not begrudge that, but if church finances are to be exempt from the tax code, their functions should stay out of government. Kinda' like if you don't vote you can't complain.

The death penalty to me is nothing much better than ISIS lining up soldiers in a ditch and executing them. Nobody has that right...NOBODY. It has been proven that it does not deter violent criminals because they ain't scared of shit. Usually they are victims themselves of violent and abusive backgrounds and get caught in the cycle of mental illness. It's random and it's scary. My friend Kenneth tells a story of his early days in mental health where a former client and partner in crime kidnapped him with a freakin' bow and arrow! Who does that???? That was when he left the field and became a scientist of a different color. His little Mama is in the same home with Aunt Granny. We dropped off my own mother's clean clothes this morning just in time for a bath. There will be more therapy and she's getting out of the brace a few times a day so that's a relief for her.

As for my shoulder, it hurts. I'm not overdoing but trying to get prepared for real life and I honestly thought by this time I would be pain free. Naproxen and ibuprofen do it, but still. Sure does suck getting old! We both see the surgeon next Monday so we'll see what's up then. Hopefully my 2nd post-op visit is included in the hundreds that I owe his group after insurance. Then there's radiology and anesthesiology and all the other ologies' to pay. Fee for service, that's what it's called. I read an excellent piece today on the cost of healthcare in the US and surprisingly insurance companies make very little with top dollars going to (you guessed it) pharm and medical devices. While I realize that someone's cancer may be cured miraculously or grandma may walk again? If I'm not using those dollars I shouldn't be subsidizing everybody else. In healthcare jargon it's called "case mix" and you damn well better keep the frequent flyers balanced with the big one time spenders if you care to turn a profit. And's all about the profit. There have been major changes in healthcare law during the past 10 or so years with things like HIPPA and whatnot. The thing is that any kind of government mandate costs money to implement. Thus, higher costs. Not many people in Congress have the medical knowledge to set those kinds of rules.

Here are some things that I see as positives...examples of a reckoning of what is important right now. Awareness of the dangers of processed food is growing by leaps and bounds and Monsanto is about to become the dumbass kid with a mustache drawn on for graffiti. Farmers' markets, sustainable agriculture and anything organic is hot and will remain so because this generation is keenly aware of how we failed as consumers during the past 30 years. During the 80s I spent like there was no tomorrow which led to BK court on 30K worth of plastic. While I may never be completely debt free, it won't be because of that. Hmm, what else? Love thy neighbor. I find that one easier to do now that they're not on my doorstep once a week wanting to visit or having cop calls at all hours of the day and night. Golfers have actually told me that they can hear them screaming over by the slough next to the course. Yikes! Honor thy father and mother. Do your best to reach out and be a Samaritan to somebody.

And keep the faith ^j^

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