Wednesday, September 24, 2014

team building

Well well it turns out I have been schooled quite well in the couple of business ideas that are on my white board at the moment. Last night's class helped me to discover what I already know which is that I'm an idea person and not one who gets off on details. I identified a somewhat successful work relationship that has been based on just that concept. It was my pleasure today to re-visit the halls of oncology which will be my home again for a week or so. None of the old timers that I remember are there, just more and more new cases of cancers caused by our toxic environments and or genetic mutation. Thank you big pharm, Monsanto and ConAgra. Unfortunately there are a lot of cases involving damage to vital organs like tissue and bone marrow which require treatment like transfusions. Which is like, my other job. The day one. I saw an couple of former co-workers, a mother and daughter pair who are traveling the same path that I am with my mama. It was fun visiting with the radiation nurse who used to do cartwheels down that very hall prior to the busy environment that it is now. I noticed cards about a monthly support group which is something I pitched 20 years ago to no avail. Times change. There are new docs and new apps and all sorts of scurrying about. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing works out to say the least. I've been waiting my entire career to have a doc respect my opinion.

Since this guy is long gone I can share a story about him. Dude was a surgeon who didn't realize he wasn't in "big town hospital" and did routine vascular surgery on every aneurysm that showed up in our one horse town. His wife was very ill so work was all he knew. One night there was a triple A that ruptured and we went through something like 80 units of blood products. Our supplier was in Memphis at the time and orders could only be delivered by Greyhound freakin' bus. Everybody and their relatives were up in there trying to donate blood to save this guy's life and I made the executive decision to use a different type of product that we had plenty of. Dr. Badass said hell to the naw because he wanted what he wanted and my superior at that time (also a doctor) told me to do what the man said which I knew was totally unsafe. We kept him alive long enough for him to land in Memphis where I got a call after a long sleepless night asking WTF we did to this guy's blood type. My response was "what the man said." Hey..we know what a miracle you are.

I love it when drug reps bring lunch and we discussed kids and treatment options while making our way through the day. This guy was cute as a bug and hung with me and the new doc while we ate lunch and discussed opiates vs.THC for end of life care. The physician quoted addiction rates for both plus alcohol and has his coffee brewed by a new employee, I kid you not. I figure he's all about it for dying people but not so much for 18 year olds. On that? I agree. and just so y'all know? I'm listening to Christmas music and mama is working hard at the home. Bubba said she kind of fell apart when they left yesterday which means we need to just let it be until we can bring it on back to the farm.
We still have corn across the road and down the hill so tomorrow is my last chance for a shot of the dairy barn surrounded. I swear, I hope it's gone when I get home from my FNP.

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