Monday, September 29, 2014

making magic happen

The ceiling fan in my office has a really long chain for the light since I am vertically challenged and it stays off most of the time except when I'm up in here scheming. Several months ago I taught Booger how to pull it and make the light come on. Since the baby gates have come down he's spending more time in here with me digging through the treasures and generally being busy. He never thinks about that light chain until somebody picks him up and it comes into his view. Then, by golly, it's on. At least ten times, I'm just saying. Every single "on" of that lightbulb gives him a sense of wonder. Through a child's eyes, indeed.

The weather is perfecto and the leaves are beginning to change and fall. Once upon a time I was hell bent on raking and mowing until it was all neat and tidy. No more of that nonsense! Ryan has cleaned it up really well and it's time to let winter do its' thing so we can have new growth. According to planting cycles next year should be wheat and beans and that I can live with. Much less dust, ya' know.

I've got homework to do prior to tomorrow's class and there is Mama's discharge looming in a week so BG has flown to Martin to visit Memaw and the caseworker called Boss. That should be interesting, no? Daddy is lonely and I can't help that and mostly I think he just misses her at bedtime. We are plotting to make her a little apartment and line up some help for bathroom duty. Home health will resume (without Cindy) and life will go on as we've always known it until something else changes. I think her gettin' out days are over, if you know what I mean. That's okay though because she can hold court in that living room that has been her pride and joy all these years. It's good to be queen.

As I drove home from the sawmill I passed Nicki's house where she and the dog take regular exercise up and down Troy. Yesterday Daddy and I spotted her in orange spandex and looking pretty good...not even carrying that poor little ugly dog. Last week BG and I saw her talking to the monkey grass or so I thought. Lauren told me she was just talking to herself. Bless her little heart. Right past there is the entire block owned by the United Methodist Church, my homies. It has grown over the years as benefactors who worshiped at the corner of Main and McGaughey left gifts and whatnot as stewards will do. Over the decades I remember many a stewardship campaign to raise big bucks for generous salaries and building projects. It is my anchor and a place that I carry in my heart every day, John Wesley style. I like to think that even though I did not tithe with actual dollars I gave of myself freely to others in service. Here's the thing y'all. If you believe at all in what Jesus lived and died for then you know he was really adamant about reaching the "untouchables" of his time and showing them IN LOVE how to turn their lives around. That's a far cry from exclusion bigotry and hatred for those who have different lifestyles. I can tell you for a fact that this country is ripe for the picking and foreigners are moving here in droves with cash to get in the game. That doesn't make them wrong...just different. As in Hindu! My favorite Jeebus is the mad one in the temple with those evil money changers. Get 'em JC!

By now I should know that plastering demolibtard messages on my FB page is like picking a fight with my favorite trolls. They mean well and truly believe what they espouse but geez..give a girl a break. Our rain never materialized so it's still *cough* dusty as hell. I managed to halfway burn the box spring that's been laying in my yard since before surgery and I think one more bonfire will take it down to the springs.

I might be a redneck.

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