Monday, September 8, 2014

cleared for takeoff

I saw something yesterday about patience and unexpected things and said to myself " should just wait for things to happen." And by golly they did! I was sitting on the porch working on my feet when I heard something loud roaring up the hill between the cornfields. It turned out to be a guy on a motorcycle and he veered into my driveway pulling off his helmet to reveal none other than Shannah's brother Mike. I have no idea what kind but it was big and heavy and loud and he managed to talk me into riding bitch down the road. He gave the helmet to me and off we went with him going "slow" because I was scared to death. We passed all the neighbors and I waved totally sure they didn't have a clue it was me under that helmet. Clara and Mozella were pulling out just as we rounded that corner looking dressed and ready for something. Mike asked if I was scared and I lied and said no and he just went on and on about the freedom of it. I reckon.

I had to get up for a reason today for the first time in awhile and ended up, after a visit with Cousin Mo, at the surgeon's office. He said I'm doing better than he expected with the stiffness and also said that the pain I'm feeling now is more than likely from a pinched nerve in my neck. Oh.My.Lord. Will it never end? As it turns out the biceps was separated from the shoulder by the time he got to it in the OR. Glad I didn't know that all those months I kept on going like a big girl. I imagine Gay with the magic hands can get that worked out eventually. There is an involuntary jumping in that shoulder still which is also tied to CTS and neck tension. No matter what the cause, that rotator cuff had to be fixed. Mom sees him this afternoon and we are looking at options for the 2nd month of non-weight bearing recovery.

Mayhem and evil have spread from Ferguson to other cities with nearby Memphis the scene of a horrific slamming attack on innocent mall workers and visitors by a gang of about 100. This mall was where I shopped when I was a Memphis State student and it still serves mostly a quiet community. That is until the heatherns show up to act like FOOLS. I don't know who in the hell told ya'll it's cool to run in a pack and hurt people but they were wrong and I hope every one of your asses ends up at 201 Poplar.

In case you're still worried about Ebolageddon! take a look at Enterovirus 68 which is sickening kids all over the Midwest. It is a rare but very serious virus that starts like the common cold but progresses quickly and is highly contagious. Let's just all hit the hand sanitizer as we pass it. A lot of lips are flapping about those who fail to vaccinate their children and rightfully so (polio,mumps,etc) but this is something from which there is no protection, only treatment of symptoms. You cannot "cure" a virus. The belief that every illness requires an antibiotic is the reason for multi-organism resistance to them worldwide.

The cicadas are still roaring and it's seasonally warm but cooler air is on the way this weekend and I'm ready. I have a little over a week to prepare for my return to the sawmill and while I've not accomplished anything but healing, it has been good for my soul to just hibernate. By nature, I'm not a real social person unless you happen to show up on my porch. I will look for any excuse to hang at the house on the hill. Plans are to be a DQ ice cream cake and go to the home to celebrate my birthday tomorrow with the one that birthed me. I'm looking ahead to 59 with a big dose of realism and cautious optimism, if you know what I mean. Ya'll have a birthday cocktail for me sometime this week!


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