Tuesday, September 23, 2014

don't stop believing

Like a whole bunch of other folks who were young in the 80's I listened to a whole heckuva' lot of Journey and swooned over Steve Perry's falsetto impressions 30 years later while listening to cover bands like Primal Heart out of Jackson. I'm still sittin' here singing along with Darius and making notes on my unofficial white board prior to tonight's class call CoStarters. Lorna and I are determined to get our respective dreams off the ground if we have to blow the damn hot air into those balloons ourselves. She told me the oddest story yesterday that gave me chills and that "walking on your grave feeling" all at once. She lives on a family farm as well and hers has a pecan orchard. It's a huge ordeal to keep the whole thing cut and baled so that the nuts can be harvested and the folks she had lined up flaked out on her so she had to call an old timer to cut and haul it for himself. Ever since then she's been working at it with a push mower and I'm saying this woman is several years old than me and even more determined. Yesterday morning it was cooler than usual and she was out there getting at it when a strange car stopped and a woman stepped out as if she had a question. Lorna turned off the mower and walked toward this ageless faceless precious thing who asked if she could pray for her because she had noticed how hard she was working. Her touch, gentle on the hand arm and face was followed by a heartfelt promise that God knows how good she is and how hard she tries and it's all about to come to fruition. Said Archangel Michael sent her. I love it when that happens.

I totally overbooked myself for today by planning a "quick" 2 1/2 hour trip to Martin to see Mom with the fam followed by two hours of class so I figured Mom would understand my newfound interest in taking care of Poopie by not making the trip, and she did. Poor thing is so tired from therapy she can't talk anyway. Bubba left she and Daddy to themselves to catch up on church, the State Gazette, and the status of corn shelling which is currently HIGH GEAR. I'd say by Thursday it'll be a done deal and I can see the woods again. The sawmill was quiet today following an extended period of mania brought on by umm..not a full moon or Mercury in retrograde. I reckon life just cycles like that with peaks and valleys around every turn in the road.

Airstrikes are happening and ISIS wannabes' are coming out of the woodwork. I really think we give these asshat terrorists too much press, including the homegrown good old boys in our own country like Fred Phelps. They are all on an ego trip wanting total domination and there's no fix for that for bi-polar drugs. A little haldol never hurt anybody with the tendency to hear voices and kill. That the Climate march got little or no coverage by the MSM is more proof that "if it bleeds, it leads." What is about our morbid fascination with all things gory? I think it's creepy. Like my mama always said, if you can't say something nice......


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