Saturday, December 1, 2012

chillin' with faith

Proving what a sappy ass that I am, Faith's mug is still staring at me from the desktop of an ancient desktop Dell while I sweep and clean in preparation for the great Christmas extravaganza on Pecan Lane. It's legal now that the page has turned on our calendar. I got another lovely donation today, this time a stereo so that I can do pure radio and not have to think. I think if I hear Kenny G one more time at work I'm gonna round up a flashmob! First Sunday in Advent...Mama remembered that for sure. Baby Jesus and his crew are assembled in the kitchen/laundry room/round table meeting area. That way we're always being watched over.

Ryder has a boyfriend, the very same red dog (with tail) that courted Faith earlier this year. I'm praying that it's platonic just because it's the season for miracles. He's out on the porch right now like he lives here. Nada. Only if you stay outside dude. We are seriously on a budget and struggling to scrape something up for ourselves. Next item on the agenda is to get granny's hand-me-down couch out to the burn pile and start a new life with a clean futon.

BG and I were talking awhile ago about how much we would love some tacos from our favorite place and she mentioned that her friend didn't even have food to feed her kids tonight. Gives a girl a whole new perspective, ya know? Continuing to thin out the herd, I dropped the new kitty named Debree at her new home where she promptly got fed turkey and held like the baby that she is. Poor thing spent all her time here in the tree hiding from the dogs and Lily.

Mixed blessings. Peaks and valleys. Why is it so hard to accept that sometimes life is just hard even when you're a good person? Somewhere along the line I was taught just that as a truth. When I think about how much money that Chiefs player made on the football field and look at how it ended, I think hmm. Like Mr. Billy always said "Leave room for the spirit to work."

And for you dear Rodney? I always know that you will ^j^

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