Saturday, December 29, 2012


There are blessings to be found even in hardship, as we all know. One of the things I like best about keeping a frigid house with two warm rooms is that you can leave stuff out in the kitchen and it doesn't ruin! How's that for glass half full? The window guy is doing too little too late to help matters so we might as well just layer up and sleep in hoodies. It looks like a little Unibomber convention around here. Praise the lort, it hasn't gotten REALLY cold...yet. We had such a nice visit yesterday with our friends all huddled up in BG's room like in the old days, swapping stories that we all know and some that we didn't remember until somebody said "remember when...". Conner loves hanging with us girls because we're loud and crazy. Give him a pen and some paper and he's happy as a lark.

As we talked, I heard a real live angel story from Lester. When her brother died his fraternity held a huge benefit to help pay for the funeral expenses. She spoke for the benefit...about how much she loved her brother, but was quite nervous. A young lady, also from the 'burg, helped her through the trauma of that testimony and stood by her side as she shared her grief. That young lady died this week in a wreck on an icy road. When I heard about how she had ministered to my friend during her brother's death, I immediately made the cosmic connection. Angels among us, ya'll.

BG had an experience some time ago that threw her for a real loop. Not being in healthcare, she's had very little exposure to life and death situations. As she was traveling the highway for her job, she came upon a horrific wreck where a woman had been thrown from her vehicle and was barely clinging to life. After calling 911, she stayed with this lady as her pulse became weaker and weaker finally stopping. EMS arrived and took over and she went on down the road, still in shock but keeping her appointment. I later found out that the lady who died was a good friend of a friend of mine, and shared the story with her. She was so relieved that her friend had not died alone. Timing is everything.

I'm seeing and reading so much stuff about the supposed fiscal cliff and our response to this do-nothing Congress as a country. There is an urgency in the voice of most Americans these days. Our lives are in the balance while they play politics. Shame on ya'll. I'm not wild about the GOP *giggle* but have a lot of respect for my home state guy Bob Corker for calling it like he sees it. It could have and should have been settled long before now. I'm also disgusted with the still ferocious backlash against Obamacare, a program that will protect healthcare as a right for many who don't have it. Just look at all the GOP governors lined up to shoot it down. Whatever, ya'll. I guess your logic is that if enough people die from lack of care your costs will go down. To me, affordable preventive care is a no brainer because it allows folks to stay well so they can work and contribute to the economy.

I almost choked Ryder with the worm medicine yesterday but she got it all down, thank goodness. She ought to start fattening up now and putting a little meat on those rib bones. I just thought she was growing too fast! As I lay in the bed with the dogs this morning I spotted Pride trying every which a way to get to that bright green wheat on the other side of his fence. It still pisses him off that he can't roam like he used to. Sorry dude...crops come first. I have both ends of the church shuttle tomorrow since bro is out of town. If I was a betting woman, I'd put odds on Mama not getting out of that warm bed.

Keeping the faith here ^j^

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