Sunday, December 16, 2012

god is great, beer is good and people are crazy

Today was a real trip getting from church to doughnuts due to the temporary plastic window thingy protecting my mama's hair from blowing away. This was AFTER I hauled off a week's worth of garbage, counted pills and ordered new scripts. Daddy got a call from the pharmacy telling him he had a new bottle of something he still has plenty of and got kinda pissed because I wouldn't go back to town after 12 and pick it up. Hey...I'm learning to just agree and do what I know is best. You can't argue with somebody like that and expect to have peace. Just ask my mama.

KY cousin told me that I didn't really have to have anything but the glass from a scrapyard to solve my little problem so that's good to know. My buddy will fix it for cheap so, there ya go. Come on payday! Mommy needs a new pair of shoes parts for the Camry. Actually, on the wish list is a right rear light cover, knocked out innocently by a friend at 4th of July party years ago. I told him never mind and love ya. I'm learning though. Scrap yards, even if they have to pull it, are the way to go. Those cars are wrecked and the parts can be perfectly good to keep a girl going to the sawmill and back. We also need a driver's side door handle, lost to some freakin' ice storm or another Oh, and an oxygen sensor. Not sure whether in or out. That's about it Santa.

The debate is raging now over guns and mental illness and all I can honestly say is that they don't go together well. The healthcare industry has all but made it impossible to get mental health treatment unless you have either insurance or current charges hanging over your head. This morning's daily rag listed a roster of secret indictments and a roundup of about 40 who were making and selling everything from meth to morphine. Meth they can make, but really? Some doctor somewhere is prescribing the oxycontin, morphine and whatnot. Go after them and there's your victory in the war on drugs. It's way too easy to obtain controlled substances when a shady physician is running a money mill.

Rather than looking toward Christmas, I'm patiently waiting for the new year and dreaming of less stressful times just because a page on the calendar of my life is turning. There won't be any resolutions like diet or exercise, only a sincere desire to live life one day at a time and enjoy the ability to do so. There will be a book up in 2013 of some shape form or fashion because I promised my mama. She was a copy writer back in the day for a local newspaper whose ex-publisher spares no chance to smack me on FB concerning my left winger political views. If only he knew how close I am to the center.



  1. A book? Really? Truly? FINALLY? ;)
    You wouldn't by pulling this Yankee's leg now wudja?