Monday, December 31, 2012

auld lang syne

Today is the last of my three off and I must say that three days straight of 12 hours sleep has made a difference in my mood. Freedom comes in many forms and since I tend to be a wanderer at home, it's nice to just sit and chill. I will (of course) be long out of it by the time baby new year arrives so ya'll bang some pots and pans for me. I took off for some supplies early this morning and found out by accident that you can't buy beer before 8AM. That sucks for third shifters on the way home! I will never understand the "no sale from 3A to 8A thing". Like that's gonna stop people from DUIs? Ryder and Oscar followed me only I didn't know it 'til I headed home and found Oscar up by the highway. He loaded up and we looked for Ryder until we spied her running across the wheat, a huge black deer looking critter. She's a beautiful girl, but not near as smart as her mama was, bless her heart.

The sun is gone again, but was nice while it lasted. The cold that has plagued us for days is lifting away, with much sniffing and hacking. Mucinex is what we need but dang it's expensive! Singulair will have to do, and I must say it's a real wonder drug for allergy prone folks like us. One plus of the winter is that there's no spraying and dirt turning. That'll kill you when it's on all four sides! It won't be long though because I saw buttercups poking up in the flower bed. Poor confused little things.

All the Christmas stuff is piled in the now empty living room. When it got super cold I moved the ancient desktop Dell into my room, cords and all. There are two heaters going so I guess TVA will have my ass again next month. Hey..what do you do? At least now that I have a decent central unit the summer months aren't nearly as expensive. I just wish I could get a rebate for about ten years worth. When the guys came to install it, they found that the duct running from unit to house was almost closed. Duh. That says a lot about the other company that was supposed to be doing maintenance. Oh well. Live and learn. This house is three levels with full attic and basement that are never used except for storage. There's one little room in the attic that was sheetrocked at one time for the Council's son. The windows of that room overlook the eaves of the front porch and it seems like you can see forever. It has taken me about five years to get both cleaned out to where only things that are keepers remain. There are wooden work tables along the walls that Mr. Council used back in his days as a horseman. The walls are covered with sidewalk chalk art from BG's teenage days and there is a huge heavy ass wood stove that has never been moved. Hey..we can scrap that thing!!

The grands are maintaining I news is good news in my book. We talk at least once a day sometimes ten times, depending on what's in the air. Ms. Faye won't be doing it up big for New Year's so she'll probably be on schedule this week. Have I mentioned lately what an angel she is to us? Oh my goodness. Were it not for her, this scenario would not be possible. Sam is napping again on my bed, just like we didn't have 12 hours solid with him under the blanket.

Heck..I might just join him. Happy 2013 to all ya'll and your mama'n'them.


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