Friday, December 21, 2012

shop 'til you drop

Since my parents are housebound "somebody" had to make sure they had gifts for each other. I was already on a mission to get a list as long as my arm done, so it wasn't really a bother. In fact, it's kinda fun shopping when you're not under the gun. She needed underwear and slippers and he got a new flag. I swung by the sawmill to pick up my ham and by then it was time to pick BG up and head to the grands. Today's project was nailing plastic over her bedroom window to keep her warmer at night. The antique 3/4 bed sits right in front of a window that is only single pane and the wind blows directly into it. I scooped her up a heater like I've got (idiot proof) and set it up in her room. NO WAY should her little self be chilly tonight. Daddy was busy watching his watch until the four o'clock news (it was 1PM) but offered his help. We said thanks, but we got this. By the time it was done I was sweating like a whore in church under the Old Navy fleece.

Anywho..still driving with plastic on the window due to uneven financial circumstances. Parts are pulled but after today nothing will get done for anybody until next Wednesday. People look at me like I've got four eyes when I tell them I work on Christmas day and have done so every other year for almost 36 of them. I remember BG crying and asking me not to "go work" on her special day. That, my friends is tough. Most of the public service sector does this so it's not uncommon...just something that has always been taken for granted by many. I pulled up to get my parents from church the other day (plastic flapping) and noticed this hotty toddy rich college age girl getting out of the BMW that daddy bought. How niiice, I thought. And I'm one of the ones who has had to put up with his bull all these years.

The TV people are about to have their device safely back and when I pay the past due, it's a whole 'nother world with one less bill up in here. I'm just praying they don't pull a DirecTV on me. That would be just about the last straw. They are vulchers feeding on a society that seeks escape in background noise. If I want to watch a movie, there's still a TV there. I don't do well with too many choices, ya know?

It's a beautiful day on the hill, cold and breezy in a holiday sort of way. I'm learning all kinds of insulation tricks like covering or closing vents and layering blankets. There is nothing in this world that will keep a girl warmer than a bed full of loving dogs. Amy told me that Sam learned to sleep under the covers with she and Sophie and he still does it with me. Some things never change.

Peace out ya'll. Only 3 shopping days left!

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