Wednesday, December 19, 2012

glad tidings

In spite of the fiscal cliff and all the sadness and bad news, this Christmas season has been quite meaningful for me. It is humbling to live as if there is no tomorrow and nothing else to do but wait for the blessings that come on the flip side of trials. I am blessed is many ways that I fail to acknowledge which makes me feel that I am not alone in this thing called life. I find myself hugging people for no reason other than I need to feel another soul next to my own. I say the L word a lot and mean it. Most importantly I go with the flow best as I can because worry doesn't keep tomorrow's sorrow away...just takes the joy out of the present. Quite often pessimism can become a self fulfilling prophecy.

One day this week I heard a child screaming like bloody murder in the next room and all of a sudden I found myself trying to imagine what a chorus of those scared little cries sounded like when evil came to mow them down with automatic guns. They should be getting out of school for a Santa break. Instead they are being buried along with their loving teachers. I swear to you, if that Westboro Baptist bunch shows up I will personally travel to CT and kick their ignorant hateful asses. No..wait. My brother is closer up there in VA..I'll call him!

United we stand. That's the phrase that politicians and policy makers have spouted for years when it suits their needs. The gun lobby is right up there with big pharmacy and insurance when it comes to political clout. Meanwhile, people go without basic healthcare and get shot with weapons that shouldn't even be available. God bless the USA, huh? I am watching closely to see who shows character in this fiscal policy planning. As far as I can tell, unless something gives the 2% raise that I received for the past year or two will be gone due to a payroll tax increase. As my mama would say "how niiice". Meanwhile they're telling me that the benefits that I'm being taxed to finance will be reduced. Hmm. Makes one want to be self employed, ya know?

So anyway..we all know it takes a village like Hillary said. When I heard that she passed out I understood why after hearing the scathing report about state department security for the ambassor. But seriously? It's no ONE person's fault...none of it. Not even Dubya! There's a restless spirit circling the globe begging to be heard. It is a dream of being kind to mother earth and being rewarded in return. Such a simple concept. My friend the organic gardener gets that and has devoted her life to advancing organic farming practices with an emphasis on the gulf coast and damage from the oil spill. Genius, she is.

The barnwood frame business is officially launched with the creation of a gift for my brother and his family. The print is one that my parents purchased on their only trip to visit, and the frame is from wood all over this farm. Most of the buildings are gone and I'm salvaging what I can during the "deconstruction." Mama's buying me a window for the Camry as a holiday gift, bless her heart. "Janie! That's just not safe!" Like, uh..nope. Maybe a load of scrap will pay for a driver's side door handle for the new year.

I'm outta here kids. Mommy needs some R&R with boyfriends James Taylor and Paul Carrack. To you and yours I wish all the gladness that is your holiday season, whatever way you choose to celebrate. After all...It's 'Merka and we're a melting pot ^j^

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