Friday, December 28, 2012


I got to thinking about what all kinds of shit we've had happen this calendar year which is kind of hard to do because I've lost my sense of time during this dull gray end of the year slosh. I'd have to say one of the highlights was the day I had to bond BG out of the county jail over some bogus bench warrant. She was driving through town and (for once) didn't have her seat belt on because of the heavy wool coat she was wearing. He stopped her for a warning on the seat belt and let her go about a block before pulling her over smack in the middle of town and taking her to jail. Of course I got the "one" phone call so I had to leave work and round up a bond person to get her out to the tune of $237. Nobody knew anything about anything until she was served behind locked doors with a warrant for FTA to a court date where she indeed appeared and paid court costs on an 8 buck bad check some eight months before. Only she didn't have the receipt. She had paid close to 400 in court costs at the original hearing and when she returned to court for THIS appearance she had no proof that she had paid in cash so her dad had to pay it AGAIN. We're looking at 1000 bucks here already, not to mention the loss of one more chunk of what little sanity I had left. As it turns out, there was a history of missing money up in the office where she paid and somebody came in months later and cleaned house after finding that a local school system had been overbilled. I don't know who did what, but the bottom line is to save those kinds of receipts until the day you die. Hell, put 'em in the coffin with you because you never know when the law might get bored and want to dig you up and do it again. Courts need money to run, ya know?

The entire spring was focused on mama's illness and hospitalization for six weeks from a knee infection. Turns out if you get too many of those little steroid shots in your knees, bacteria can get in and run amok, which is exactly what happened to her. The bacteria had spread from her knee joint to the bloodstream and she was one sick puppy. It took a month of rehab to get her able to walk again with assistance. Daddy was on his own with Ms Faye during that time, and me and BG up the road if he needed anything. It was then that I realized how much my life is truly tied up. I know that this too will pass, and I will remember our times fondly and with humor.

Faith's puppies were born right around the time of BG's arrest and we had to literally burn the furniture where those seven pups were delivered. Great dane daddy and all, they were huge and multiple. All this was too much for a ten year old lab body to handle. Looking back, it was downhill from there. Only two of the pups are alive, and one of them is Ryder who hasn't been to the vet yet herself. We did the store brand wormer when she was a baby but she's got a whopping case of roundworm right now so we had to get the yellow syringe that must taste good because she took it all. One of my favorites there, Tina, remarked how sorry she was about Faith and sweetly told us to "take care of her puppy." You bet we will honey.

Jacob died from meningitis at a very young age. He was a student at MTSU with a boat load of frat brothers who made the journey from east to west just to honor his life. His sister just left here from a holiday visit with all ya'll. She's cute as a bug and trying really hard to be a good soon to be mama. It's been a tough year for a lot of folks.

Regretfully, this was not the year for Sugardaddy but I'll never give up hope on that one as long as love is alive. No wait..I want a Sugardaddy who loves me. There, it's an easy thing to find, right? I'm so pissed off at Mitch McConnell's old ass right now I could just spit. He and the evil one have no regard whatsoever for the struggling Americans who will suffer because of their stubborn attitudes. At this point they're not even thinking about the integrity of their own party because the GOP natives are quite restless not to be portrayed as the bad guys when we go deeper into recession. It is a literal pissing match between ultra conservatives and lots of level headed people from both parties and it makes me want to slap somebody. Note to self: Refill happy pills. Looks like I'll be sleeping on the futon in the warm room tonight because there are three lucky dogs piled up on my bed. We'll see what the night brings.


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