Thursday, December 20, 2012

the wind swept look

I wish ya'll could have seen us getting mama out of the beauty shop today when she got her hair did. Still in tight coils all over her little head, her hair got teased and styled into its' usual helmet shape. Love it! Since there's a big storm blowing through the wind is about 30 mph and cold so we had to cover her head with a Kroger bag so she wouldn't lose what she just paid for. I couldn't get it tied under her chin where she was able to see so we just tucked the flaps into her neckline and made a run for it. Daddy was following with the walker which she didn't even have to use on the trek down the ramp. All of this was made possible by the smarts of my dear brother who hooked me up with temporary window replacement so I can safely transport them. Haven't heard back from the scrap yard, but they're pulling a window and regulator for me today. Boy, the things a girl learns when pushed against the wall!

The son of the beauty shop owner stopped by to visit today letting me in on his plan to dress like Santa and deliver toys on his motorcycle. Dude definitely has the facial hair for it. I got a card today from my dear friend the supermom and teacher in Chicago with all her kiddies on front. I met her before the last three were born and we are steadfast in most of our beliefs. Her father died this year and I can tell from the pain in her words that she's one who will be standing by my side sometime soon. We stopped at Sonic for lunch today and I asked mom if we could borrow her vacuum cleaner to knock out some of the dust bunnies. She told me she'd leave it to me in her will! She's such a hoot when it comes to humor about getting old. Her best friend gave her a cookbook one time called "Being Dead is No Excuse" full of all the rich foods that show up at a funeral meal in the south.

KY cousin called me to read something from mom's cookbook, a special thanks to the ones who had helped her make "it" happen. The biggest thanks of all went to my daddy for his total physical support of the project that she had always dreamed of. And guess what? All of the proceeds went to the Dyer County Fair Association for construction of a new building. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

We have gotten to the point where there is no exchange of gifts other than whatever is necessary for the day, and I like that approach. My parents don't need anything other than a new flag and some warm pants for her. He replaced the spotlight bulb while I was there, the one that shines on that ragged old stars and stripes. As a military man, he always disposes of them properly by burning. This time, somebody will have to supervise.

I feel much better now that I'm linked back up with a counselor who knows my history. When I called the insurance people to get the whole thing started the poor chick couldn't even FIND him as a provider because she was searching another zip code. Gah. I could have taken my own life ten times before we got it all straight. Access to mental health benefits is extremely hard to come by, especially for those with no insurance or job. Of which there are a shitload right now, by the way. That is our problem, in a nutshell. Who gives a rat's ass how the past two presidential terms were all about squandering money. Most everybody agrees on that, in spite of party affiliation. Looking ahead and learning from mistakes is a natural normal part of life and we the people have a chance to be heard right now. I have never in my lifetime seen such a backlash from folks as the automatic weapon thing. Enough is enough, people. Throw some bailout money to the manufacturers who go out of business. Whatever it takes to get their collective attention, I'm all for it. As as for the Occupy movement? Thank you for being visible and rowdy proof that Americans have had enough bullshit from Washington.

Gonna get cold tonight. Time to cover up the windows with blankets like the meth heads do ~j~

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